Waiting… for Something?

I wait a lot, I wait in lines, in traffic. I wait in the grocery store and at the gas pumps, I wait for my wife, my kids and sometimes my dogs. We all seem to spend a great deal of time waiting. What do we do while waiting, well what can we do is the question we will answer today.

First, it needs to be said that there are two major branches of waiting. The first is with a cell phone, the second without. Having a cell phone will make waiting much less tedious and yet somehow waste even more time than being without one. I know, that makes little sense time is time and waiting waiting. However, without a cell phone while waiting you are thinking. Currently the only time most folks aren’t being distracted by something. is when they are in the shower. Anyway, I’m guilty too so, with a cell phone.

  1. Play a game, I like Pokemon Go, Angry Birds and Candy Crush.
  2. Browse the web for cat videos
  3. Browse TikTok for cat videos
  4. Kindle E-Reader is nice
  5. Check Email, Messages, Twitter, facebook and on and on and on…..

Then there is the non phone related things that we used to be able to do while waiting. I mean there was a time before social media where people were just social.

  1. Fume that we had an appointment and why am I waiting, think DMV
  2. Talk to people nearby, find out more about them, maybe swap recipes, or discuss Gnome Incursions.
  3. Think of the things you may have forgotten to do, turning off the stove comes to mind (I’ll BRB)
  4. Clean Your Nails.
  5. Think, just think about things maybe invent something cool like Jarts, or Kerbangers.

That’s all for “W” folks I am of course a bit behind but It’s ok… Going outside to play Lawn darts then have a Ker-banger competition… I should be able to type again in a month. Kidding aside, try doing something useful with what time we have instead of sitting on our phones. I’m going to try this week.
Move time… with a “W”

Vewy, Vewy quiet…

Just kinda almost falling behind… so I bring you this.. MASTERPIECE!!!!

No movie today folks… I encourage you to think of a childhood cartoon… and watch a few of them, will only take you minutes if it’s looney toons.

Untitled – Conveying

A to Z Challenge is in it’s final week for 2022. Today I the letter “U” is in the spotlight. i have chosen to write about a word that I feel is underutilized. “Untitled”, we see it on manuscripts as in untitled novel or play. Song titles, Pilots of TV shows, Movie titles, all around us for things that are created, but what about other things? Makes things super expensive too especially this piece of artwork.

Untitled sold for 110 Million in 2017.

What Fun things could we also name Untitled?

  1. Street Names – Take a left at the corner of Untitled and Birch.
  2. Baby Names – We pronounce it Uni-tit-lid
  3. Cars and Trucks – This is my Untitled Uninsured Untitled by Yugo.
  4. Video Games – Well there is one called Untitled Goose Game! (Fun Game).
  5. Tools – Hand me that hand operated Untitled there would ya…
  6. Medical Instruments – “Nurse, Hand me Untitled”.
  7. Weapon Systems – “Spin up the Untitled”!
  8. Bugs – A swarm of untitled ate all my beans!!!
  9. Storms – We have a Cat5 Untitled making landfall soon.
  10. Food – Todays Special is untitled with a side of beef taters in milkgrass.

Allrighty, so there a re a few untitled Movies out there.. I have never seen any of them but I will watch one tonight after checking some reviews. 🙂 I’ll let ya know how it goes tomorrow 🙂

Thank You – For Reading!

So “T” is simply a thank you to all of you who read. I’m behind again. Life sometimes gets in the way. Right now it is getting in the way of a lot of things. “S” has been skipped but will return when it is done. I have some work to do on it before kicking it out into the internet void.

Thank You!

We are in the home stretch for the 2022 A to Z Challenge and we can see the finish line. Lets all keep at it. Thank You For Reading and commenting 🙂

A movie.. yes… Absolutely awesome!!!! Group of friends who continues to play the same game of tag since they were kids… Based on a true story and I loved this.

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