A to Z Challenge X Is a Punk with no thought for others.

I do the same thing every year, I go to a Scrabble dictionary site and try and find a word I can use. I think it worked out for me a few times, but it’s been years since I found one that gave me even a glimmering of hope.

Words starting with X - YouTube

So that’s it. I did it, I posted about the letter X. By the way that pic.. it’s linked to a video for kids about letters that start with X… How is X’mas on there, is that a thing now? Did they make it a word if the apostophy is in there?

A to Z Challenge – W is for Wandering.

Not out in the world mind you, I am after all, Quarantined. Still though, my mind wanders afar each day into things. Silly things usually since it is me, and dark things since that is also me. So my mind wanders, and I try to see the good, I try to alter my perception to see the good. Sometimes I even succeed in this endeavor.

Unfortunately my mind likes to wake me at 2am. That’s usually when the monsters are out. Bad dreams, bad thoughts… this place has good coffee though so, it’s not all bad. Being able to sleep would be nice though. It really would, instead I take naps. 2-4 hours at a clip. Then have more coffee. (out of cookies)

I’m sure we all have our share of monsters in the night, demons in the dark and no one can ever know what someone else is felling. I just want to say thins, no one is alone, except those who decide that they are. I have all of you, and my family and some dogs. Plus my imaginary friend. If I get desperate I can look over the fence at the neighbors gnomes.

What I need to do is wander down to the store and get some cookies. Hope you are all well.. and if your near my time zone asleep 🙂

V is for Victory –

Victory, something we all like to have in our lives. A small WOOHOO in our days. During this month of A to Z Challenge I have had some small woohoo’s and a few bigger ones. I thought I should share with all of you just what I’ve managed to do this month as we come up to the end of it.

Woo Hoo | The simpsons, Simpsons funny, Homer simpson

First the Blog Challenge, I’m proud I’m going to finish and have only fallen behind. I’m super excited I made it through the master list for the first time in years. I got to add new blogs to follow which is always a nice treat. I got to write anothing treatsie on Gnomes, and I had fun. I also finally gave in and spent money on the site to get rid of the advertisements. I don’t like ads, and WordPress doesn’t have annoying ones. but still.

At home, I, well I didn’t do much. I cleaned some, I cooked some, I laundered a bit. I played some games with the kids and friends. I Facebooked, and Twittered and I got some money for writing all in all, a decent month of small things. Oh and I read, I read about 20 books or so, nothing that could be considered heavy… fun things, Dresden Files, Star Wars.

Mostly though, I stayed healthy and that’s quite a thing to be.

A t Z Challenge letter “U” a Haiku

During the yearly A to Z challenge I have problems with certain letters. The letters Q, U, and X are difficult for me, and Z occasionally. This year I decided for “U” I would do a poem. I am not a poet but, I do like Haiku’s so here we go Letter “U” Haiku (Plus that rhymes and Haikus typically dont.)

Letter U Art Print by socialcreativity | Society6


So, that’s it, I think It tells the story of How I dislike the letter U during the challenge. I need to use it, it never cooperates, and I’m stuck with it. That was actually rather difficult.

One word per line is sad looking though but I wanted to try to think of words to use so here is another about U, or rather You.

A Reader Follows,
Joy infuses my being.
You are appreciated!

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