A to Z GOOD NEWS!! Best Friends

Having a best friend is Good News! Getting a best friend can be too. You see Humans, and Elves… are social creatures. We like to talk with people connect with people and be around, well, people. To that end, having a favorite person or even person’s is something we all need.

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If you already have a best friend, then you know exactly what I mean. That person takes up some of the landscape in your world view. You value their thoughts and ideas. You appreciate them for who they are, how they see the word. Having a best friend is a balm in these times. I have friends but it has been years since I had a best friend. I miss them, not that they are gone simply out of touch. I have decided to try and reconnect with some of them. Even if we only share “Old Times” that’s ok. It will be a few steps on the way to making new friends. We could all use some new friends. Then there are the people who even when not around are still in your life. Those people who you just pick right back up with. So send a letter, not an Email, Make a phone call not a text message, send a silly girt. I recently got a bag of new socks in the mail.. sender unknown, after posting how I liked new socks, I know who it was but we all pretend otherwise. Feels good.

I make some new friends every year doing this challenge. I meet new Bloggers.. I tend to follow and comment on the blogs I enjoy. Ones that match my world view, share my humor, or simply enjoy the things I enjoy. Potential friends are all around you. People who want the same things you do, the same things we all do, a connection. Be safe, well and healthy!

A To Z GOOD NEWS! Aware!

This is hard, A to Z is fun and distracting and, yes a bit of work. I enjoy it though. In the last year i haven’t done much with my blog, so this is a chance for me to get back into it. I sit here with my Coffee and the promise of a delicious sandwich for lunch. Lunch is shown below.

The Ultimate Cuban Sandwich Recipe | Tyler Florence | Food Network

Aware is the news though, and we are that, aware… of so many things now. We are aware that masks are a good thing. In the last year I have not been sick, not once. No colds no flu… I suppose we can add constant handwashing to the list of things that helped me avoid that. So awareness of whats around in the world now. We are aware, that we can work from home. Saving wear and tear on the car. We are Aware that the toilet paper shortage last year right around this time was silly in the extreme.

The past year has taught me to be aware in the moment, enjoy my day, my friends, family and the little joys that we can. I have a better appreciation for my life. I would much rather have learned this in any other way possible, and its ongoing. Today take stock, take heart and be aware, be mindful and take stock of where you were and are compared to last year. Be well, Be safe.. Be healthy

AtoZ Challenge 2021 Theme

Good new folks I have a theme once again. I know you’re wondering what it is and I’m going to tell you it’s GOOD NEWS! That’s it… I’m not sure what the good news might be, where I might find it, or how it may present itself… but good news we shall have.

It's all GOOD – 8 Sites Sharing Good News | Emerging Education Technologies

I’m behind already, I missed the Theme launch and the other cool bits… I haven’t grabbed the cool graphics that are made for us or printed out the calendar. Usually I have each letter mapped out for what the days topic will be and to top it all off. What I do have is bookmarks and a desire to hit every single blog on the master list again this year. I did it last year… this year is harder for me personally with things going on but, I’m going to try. So GOOD NEWS!!!!

That’s it for me Theme, I’m going to go find something that sounds just awful now.. and find a silver lining. It is after all, about perception. GOOD NEWS!!! Be Safe, Healthy and Strong

Evil Overlord tip #33 – Dress Code

It’s about time, One of my minions had been slacking for years now on their work with the Evil Overlord’s list. Some of you may remember the list to help the aspiring Evil Overlord. As a reminder in 2012 I put the first one up 32 followed and then… well The Hero and his Sidekick got to me, seems I wasn’t following the list. We are back now.. with #33.

High Ranking Female members of my Evil organization will absolutely NOT be required to wear a Stainless-Steel Bustier… first off I understand it gets cold, and second it’s so two centuries ago. The Aspiring Overlord shall allow the women to dress as they choose. The illusion of free will is an integral part of keeping your Minions, Lackeys, and Trusted Lieutenants in line. Dress code can help us accomplish this.

Colors should match the color’s of the Overlords forces. Black, green and red still being the favorites however materials and ornamentation shall be under the preview of the member. This will cut down on issues involving uprisings and insurrections. No one wants that. So be kind to your forces… or at the very least pretend to.

Stay tuned for more tips as they come!

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