Frederick the Roomba Vacuum

This is a simple Ode to Frederick our Roomba

Rambling around the carpet in lines,
The rooms, and every carpet space
ignoring all signs
Cleaning, rolling, leaving no trace.
Roomba, name of Frederick short of height.
now cleans and spirals, routing by memory
dodging left and right cleaning all in sight.
No longer fresh from the factory.
and yet, Frederick, CHARGE!

Silly but fun little Ode.. so a Movie with “R” Ready Player One! Just a fun ride, I can’t honestly say this is a good movie, but it was FUN! Also, the book ws good too 🙂

What ever happened to Quiet?

How many of us can remember the weight of quiet. The blanket of nothing that could be cast over a room. Kids, my kids at lest don’t have any sense of what quiet can actually be. They think a lack of spoken word, of voice is quiet. The absence of song, note and instrument constitutes quiet. Quiet has not ever truly existed but in today’s world of screens and networking, quiet has died… dare I say quietly.

Me either Obi-Wan, me either.

Right now this is what I can hear sitting in my office where it is supposed to be quiet so I can work. I can hear the fans on my PC spinning two different pitches one faster than the other. I can hear the quiet vibration of my phone as it gets notifications. I can hear the hum of the water heater, the buzz of someones alarm. There is a fan in the router or a modem, not sure, and another pc fan just kicked over. Alexa just beeped at me a package has likely arrived. Hums, vibrations, bzzzzz whistles sounds all of them from technology.

When I was a kid… you heard a car, by my house a plane… kids yelling. Parents calling, or whistling. I could hear my grandfather’s whistle from a long, long ways off. When you wanted to stop and think.. its was quiet, no fans, humming clocks… ticking sure but no humming. The ambient sound is everywhere now, but happened oh so gradually. If we lose power now the lack of sound is oppressive in it’s weight. People love those weighted blankets.. well just flip the breaker to your house.

If you go into an old, church outside of services and sit… you can feel the sound of silence, physically maybe even spiritually feel the weight of it. My point is… unplug… really do it, those plugs with the blocks on them, they hum. Seriously turn it all off and power down. Grab a book.. then when it gets dark sit outside and look into the night. No movie tonight folks, no power remember.

Procrastinate – That’s Me!

Indeed, I am in fact a Procrastinator. I procrastinate, well… not all the time but when I don’t procrastinate it’s because I am pre-crastinating. Yes, it is a word, meaning to go crazy at something right away, usually half assed and blindly. It’s bad too lol… I know, no one has heard of this.. well a few of you, ok… one, maybe.

Its odd when I searched to find the opposite of procrastination I was assuming con, or anti… but nope, this came up. Pre-Crastination: The Opposite of Procrastination from 2015. I found some urban dictionary links and some other non dictionary sources. I actually found the reading I linked interesting. I was surprised honestly, I wanted to choose procrastinate because sometimes I do. Reading that post I realized that immediately after I do that I “Pre-Crastinate”. I do things in a hurry just as fast as I can. I have done it several times this month on the blog if I fell behind. Give it a read.

Now… I have obviously been side tracked, I just started doing this on a lark and got sucked into the world of Pre-crastination. I also haven’t exactly figured out if the word gets a Hyphen or not since I have seen the word both ways. I have chosen the hyphen because I think they are cute and underutilized in the world. We need more hyphens. Originally this was going to be a fun filled blog about an Evil creature named procrastinate, instead you get a journal entry and a new, not new word. Onto the movie choice. “P” is for The Prestige, good movie… You will enjoy it. 🙂

Optimism – Something I generally lack.

This year for the A to Z challenge, I was not overtly optimistic. It’s hard for me to do that but I managed it. Seems like I did it with good reason, at least on half of the goal. You see not only are we supposed to write one blog per day except Sundays alphabetically, we’re also supposed to visit the blogs participating. Well I nailed that second half. I visited everyone listed. A few weren’t updated, I still looked around. A couple wanted me to log on, sorry no joy there.

I want to say though, so many different blogs this year. Poetry, Stories, Randomness, scrap booking, and my favorite thing food. I am seeing peoples favorite architecture, learning about sciency things…. new words, new ideas. I even am having to see old things in a new light which takes some work. I’m feeling good about this.

On the side of Optimistic thoughts, well Blogging is good for you. It helps you work things out in your own mind. Lets you reach out to the world on your own terms. in my case, it’s quietly and anonymously. I also Stream Video games, also somewhat anonymously I use my Gaming name. That’s not as personal though since I’m talking about the game for the most part. Soon I will be talking about a fundraiser though that involves my streaming. I am optimistic that I will raise my goal again. I have the last two years. I can do it again.

Finally I’m half way through hitting the daily posting goal. Letter “O” is right here right now. Then there is my adding movies for the heck of it.. i could write about movies everyday but, I want to expand what I focus on. That being said… today’s movie is One of our Dinosaurs is missing… which isn’t great and is a bit dated and certainly has some issues in today’s world. But as a kid i liked it, probably because of the Dinosaur idea.

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