Letter T is for Top Ten in my A to Z challenge

David Letterman retires: A brief history of the Top Ten List - Los ...

Top Ten Reasons I Fell Behind On Writing My A TO Z Challenge!

  • 10 – I was so excited I went through the master list I felt I had done enough
  • 9 – A squirrel ate my internet.
  • 8 – I was busy shooting tanks, or people in a shooter game.
  • 7 – If #8 is true then #9 can’t be
  • 6 – Letter Q is a hard one so I kept putting it off until inspiration hit me.
  • 5 – Nothing says A to Z challenge like falling behind and I wanted to be a part of that!
  • 4 – I was hungry and spent several days looking for food like in medieval times.
  • 3 – I was admiring the works of Shakespeare and comparing to my own feeling inadequate.
  • 2 – I needed a nap between session.
  • 1 – And the number one reason I fell behind on my A to Z challenge is (Drum Roll) I didn’t feel like it!

When reading about Letterman’s top ten list I found out that originally the #1 spot just never resonated with the audience so they started to intentionally make it not funny. I thought that was interesting. You all have great days!

A to Z – S stands for slacker!

Which is what I have been the last few days, and will be right now because… I’m skipping this except for this brief introduction and a Picture!

Because What's A Hero? In Defense of Slackers | Star trek birthday ...

A to Z – Reliability

Reliability used to mean something in this world. If something or someone was reliable then it was desirable. Now, things aren’t reliable. We live in a disposable world and, from what I see in the news even the people are disposable now. For my A to Z Challenge letter R I have chosen to talk about some reliability issues.

Reliability - Demotivational Poster

When I was a kid even the McDonald’s toys were pretty decent, granted they had lead in them but still, they were well made. I had Matchbox cars that were detailed, cap guns that lasted forever metal parts and all. Need proof, when I was a kid I had a cap gun it looked something like this.

Pin on Memories

I’m not sure when, but I lost it in the yard. I couldn’t have been more than 8 when it happened, I dont think I played with toy guns much after that. Thirty or so years later I found it when I was digging out an old way overgrown Yucca bush. After getting off all the plant particles and dirt I went to the store, got some caps and played with my gun again, that’s reliability.

Now though, Everything has an expiration date, they are made to break. Land fills are filling and have been for years. TV’s, Appliances, Cellphones, Computers, Clothing, and even, cap guns… all have a time they are built to wear out in. Cell phones, battery life, 2 years right when your “contract” will be up, that’s not a coincidence. Furniture is made out of presswood now, its garbage, all of it. I went through multiple bookshelves because the shelves would bow. I’m sure we call all relate to the horrible dresser drawers when the bottoms come out of the grooves.

If you want to fix this, the pic has a link with helpful directions!

I shop at yard sales now, especially for furniture. Office chairs, the one I am sitting in now is making my butt numb. It’s just over a year old, cost $149.99 and was great for about a year. One Year, and now I need a new one, so what happens to this one? You see the cushioning, is worn out… so I feel like I’m sitting on a hard surface. For a while I will put a pillow on it, but eventually… anyway let me go get a pillow. You can’t re-stuff a chair, I’ve tried. you can spend more money and get a nice seat cushion, anywhere from $99-199 from what I’m looking at.

I want things, and people, and everything to be reliable again. Maybe I should just be Amish, I bet they make good bookshelves.

Quality over Quantity A to Z

Here I am again, just a bit behind. Had a busy, busy week. No, no, not really I honestly just had other things I’d rather be doing and to be honest, I didn’t want to simply write something quick. Quick was going to be the Letter Q for my A to Z challenge but… Quality over Quantity.

Quality Over Quantity Digital Art by Craig Burgwardt

So I heard once long ago, not even sure where exactly… except I think (I know now, I checked) It was in an X-Wing book. “…you can have it fast, cheap, or good, pick two.” in regards to my writing, well in this case someone needed something written and they wanted to give me money for it. So… I did that, and then I decided I wanted to play Games instead of doing anything else. So I played World of Tanks and then Call of Duty Warzone. Each of these PC games are free to play and the tank game I’ve been playing since 2012. World of Tanks is having a 10th anniversary event… so I’ve been Tanking :). Call of Duty Warzone, is a big file but it’s a 150 person battle royal… and free.

Now you know why I’m behind, writing for some cash, and shooting things. Turns out this post has nothing to do with Quality, Quantity, or being quick lol. I do hope everyone is well though and I Missed you all.

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