Evil Overlord tip #33 – Dress Code

It’s about time, One of my minions had been slacking for years now on their work with the Evil Overlord’s list. Some of you may remember the list to help the aspiring Evil Overlord. As a reminder in 2012 I put the first one up 32 followed and then… well The Hero and his Sidekick got to me, seems I wasn’t following the list. We are back now.. with #33.

High Ranking Female members of my Evil organization will absolutely NOT be required to wear a Stainless-Steel Bustier… first off I understand it gets cold, and second it’s so two centuries ago. The Aspiring Overlord shall allow the women to dress as they choose. The illusion of free will is an integral part of keeping your Minions, Lackeys, and Trusted Lieutenants in line. Dress code can help us accomplish this.

Colors should match the color’s of the Overlords forces. Black, green and red still being the favorites however materials and ornamentation shall be under the preview of the member. This will cut down on issues involving uprisings and insurrections. No one wants that. So be kind to your forces… or at the very least pretend to.

Stay tuned for more tips as they come!

2020 A to Z Reflection post

There we are, a 100% accurate title. I don’t have much to reflect on this year. Some years I’ve been excited during the entire process, this year I was distracted through a lot of it all. I dedicated time to it everyday, time to write, to to read, and time to be social. My head just wasn’t in the game this year though, to may other things occupy my brain-pan for me to really immerse myself into the challenge.

What have I learned this year, I’ve learned to not beat myself up when I fall behind, and fall behind I did. I’ve learned to set a goal and then re-evaluate when I would fall behind to get back on track. I learned that I already knew these things but had never used them for something like this before.

Mostly though for a little while most days I would enjoy spending time with all of you. A few I skipped since they were directly related to the pandemic and frankly I get enough of that on the news, yahoo, talk radio, television, the internet, Facebook, and twitter. If I was already following you I clicked like but I didn’t read this year. Sorry, just didn’t have it in me.

Quite a few of us did something on coping and giving ideas on things to do or say in order to get through it. This I read, topics on insomnia, ideas for birthdays and ways to stay connected. To you fine folks, Thank You. It was helpful to me.

I found new blogs to follow this year, and new people to admire. I reconnected with things I enjoyed in the past, and even got a few reminders on Movies and Music I had forgotten about. I learned about crafting, and world building, writing and scrap booking.

Thank you for reading and commenting, everyone stay safe and well.

Zero A to Z Challenges to go – Well after this one!

Another A to Z challenge ends, and with it my motivation to be funny, or informative, or awake. Well maybe not really, but still it sort of feel’s this way. I am writing this on Monday, ahead of schedule so I can focus on reading and catching up on my fellow bloggers work. Part of my day will be spent redoing things here since I have access to more theme’s and I have never been to fond of the one I am using now.

#AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

To all of you who read, to all of you who wrote… Thank You! I’ve enjoyed my time with you all. I’m not sure what is next for me, more serious writing I think. I’ve been a little pent up with anxiety and anger so… I’m going to let some of that out since I kept my promise about the other thing I said I wouldn’t mention again on day one 🙂

Yams… A to Z Challenge

Yams, its a food right? I mean it is sort of shaped like a food, but people add so many things to it. Why? Well I will tell you why, and you may disagree. YAMS ARE GROSS!

Yam Or Sweet Potato - How Do You Know Which Is Which? - Farmers ...

I won’t eat a yam and I wont eat it even more if its buried under marshamellows and suger and other sweet things just to hide the taste of… well GROSS. I will fry up some sweet potatoes though in some olive oil with some salt and a bit of pepper and be very happy. I have tried to like a Yam, people in my house seem to enjoy the things… but nope, not me, not ever. just the fact that they need to be candied to make them worthwhile turns me off.

So that’s it, just don’t eat Yams, they’re gross.

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