S is for StackUP!

For the last three years I have streamed video games as a charity event for an organization called StackUP! Starting a week before Memorial day and running until Veterans day. I Stream games to raise money to support our Veterans and their Families. The fundraiser itself runs for a year at a time but I set aside this time to focus on it. My daughter got me involved in the program and we are on team BTU. The first link is to My Fundraising Page If you are happy just taking my word for it with no other info needed then click away and make a donation, even a dollar helps me get to my goal. Its supports

Click Rex and Help me reach my Goal!!!
“Founded in 2015 by a combat veteran who personally experienced the positive
impact gaming can have — emotionally and psychologically — on veterans,
Stack Up is the only charity directly supporting the military and bringing
together veterans and civilian supporters through the shared love of video
gaming. Stack Up programs provide support and gaming benefits to U.S., NATO,
Australian, and New Zealand veterans.”

Below are some stories, news and Studies on gaming and it’s effects for people with PTSD. Their work with Suicide prevention and the StOP Initiaitve. StackUp! does so many things. I’m proud to be associated with them even in such a small way as fundraising.

StackUP! In the news.

The video’s below are from my Stream last year during Stack Ups Call To Arms. The first video is a 150 player Battle Royal We we’re the winners of that match, beating out 148 other players.This was me and BTU Member EchoEri from Canada winning our first match of the night.

Raft is a nice relaxing game, except when Bruce the Shark comes. I think there was at one point 15 people on our tiny raft that night, this clip is my favorite though 🙂 My Daughter had gone to get some Tea, or maybe get hit in the face with a pie for a donation.

During my Last Call to Arms my Supply Crates went to Wayne and his family. Click the pic to read the story. I want to do more this year if possible and with your help I can.

This next Image is last years totals for the Call to Arms event. 256 supply crates full of games and fun for Veterans and families. Six Air Assualt Events so much good done.

Last Years Overview.

The StOP Initiaitve. is one of the programs I like best, The gaming is great but sometimes people need a person to just listen, to really listen and to me thats what this program is.

Click to donate.

So there we have it folks my Late “S” Post for the A to Z Challenge. If you want to hear my voice and see me play games you can find me below doing streams for StackUP! Just Click the Team logo. You can also see us on Twitter at OnlineBtu which is the Squad BTU’s Twitter feed several of us use it. Thank you for following me through the A to Z This year and thank you for reading, please donate and have a wonderful day!

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The Zoo.

Welp, Zoo’s are not in vogue anymore for certain. I am unsure about this posting because of, well, many reasons. I like Zoo’s I have good memories of going to the Zoo. I have good memories of taking my kids to the zoo. For me the Zoo is a place they rehabilitate and help animals, and while that happens I can see them and make WOW sounds… My kids, well they liked monkeys (me too).

We have the Bronx Zoo in the city, which is super nice, but far.. for me and I don’t like driving in there anyway. There are Wildlife refuge’s nearby several actually, plus nature trails and an Aquarium, which I also love, but never get to go to.

Anyway, if the animals are well treated, and all that good stuff then.. I want to see them. I would in fact have been one of the first people at Jurassic park. Hell, I’d work there, maybe I can volunteer at the Aquarium or the local refuge… I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE! Let me go check… I can, I can do that… and, so should you, find something you like and lend a hand folks… or some day it might be people tapping at the glass at you when you have nothing to do. 🙂

Be a Volunteer

A movie.. well that’s easy I suppose… or Jurassic Park 🙂

Why “Y” Are “R” You “U” Here?

Weir right? Struck me as Funny and this is the letter “Y” as in why, why, why… are we doing this to ourselves lol. happy Last day of A to Z congrats on getting here!!! that’s why, it’s nice to finish, and yes, I have another letter to do but I am on “Y”.

Khan you see the end?

Nothing better than Khan, no matter what. So why are you here? Well… I am here because I do this ever year.. or at least I start doing it every year. I didn’t finish last year. last year My Mom had serious medical issues on week two and I forgot to do this at all. I know, I know valid reason. I still feel good I did this though. I feel goo that’s why i am here.

Well, you know… I kinda write…

Anyway Folks, I am glad you are here, no matter the reason why, So now I am on to the letter “Z” starting in like 5 minutes… I still have to finish “S” to but that will be for Tomorrow…

OH OH!!! A movie…. Well here is a clip.. name that film 🙂 Ah drat title is on it… thats ok Enjoy

Words that start with X, or should!

Every damn year, Every one of them. A to Z challenge I get to “X” and I do a word search… or I do something cute like X marks the spot or something weird like X-Files. This year… here ya go a pile of Words starting with “X”

I honestly have no idea. I will be doing this next year for certain though and when I get to X… I think I’m just gonna put links up to all the other “X” ones from the past.

A Movie with “X” LMAO lets do X-Men 2 The reason why, for me was the beginning where Nightcrawler bounced all over the oval office… I’ll leave it at that.

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