A to Z Good News! FRies!

This one is a bit cheap, you see I LOVE Fries!!! I mean I really do. You can make them so easily, and now, with the air fryer leftover fries can be rejuvenated. GOO NEWS FOLKS!!!! FRIES! When i worked in a restaurants we had these fry cutters below… Maybe a bit sturdier but still… you put the Potato on it, and pulled the lever and the fries went into the bowl underneath. Then you tossed them in the fryer… waited a bit and TA DA!!!! fresh fries. Best part of my job then

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Now, I don’t know anymore… they could all be frozen, I hope not of course, but I just dont know anymore. Nothing was better than going to work after school, grabbing a juice from the walk-in and making myself a quick thing of fries before work. I miss that. I wanted one of these for my home when I got older… but then realized I didn’t want a bucket of hot oil in my kitchen, so nothing ever came of it. I wonder now with the Air Fryer though, anyone know?

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Its ok though, we have enough issues in our kitchen than to add to the mess of appliances. Fries though, man… I do love them, with cheese on them, gravy, butter.. cinnamon… salsa… dipped in chili, covered in chili.. firs are a starch delicious thing that can not be beaten… although its fat cousin Tater Tot can sometimes be substituted. Curly Fires, Steak, String, Crinkle cut.. man oh man… we need a restaurant devoted to a side menu of all different kinds of French Fries.

instructions on how to make Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

Ok so Fies might not be good news.. BUT making fires that are delicious in an Air Fryer…. is GOOD NEWS… because, less oil, less badness for you.. so here 🙂
1. Cut fries let soak in cold water 10-15 or Open Bag of fries 🙂
2. Pre Heat fryer 400
3. Sprinkle oil on fries salt a bit.
4. Toss in fryer.
5. At 10 minutes toss em around a bit, mix them so they cook even, then put back in.
6. At 20 minutes dump on plate and eat.
7. After burning mouth wait 2-3 minutes for fries to cool
8. Burn mouth 2nd time by not waiting even for 30 seconds.
9. Distract self by getting ketchup for fries.
10. Burn mouth again but now you are immune so Enjoy.

Good News! Evenings!

Once upon a time.. yesterday as a matter of fact, Evening’s were my favorites times. By Yesterday I mean any day before this one, the yesterday of my life. Evenings happened after dinner, between then and when the sun set and you had to go home. GOOD NEWS!!!! Evenings still happen.

Sunset evening sky sun sunset Free stock photos in JPEG (.jpg) 2816x1584  format for free download 385.02KB

Evenings for me meant so many things as a kid. We take less time for that sort of thing now. When I was a kid evening was when you would get in just a bit more time for catch… barely able to see the ball as it soared through the air to your mitt. Evening was the time you could see the Bats flittering about defending us from the mosquitos. Evening was when the night birds and frogs (tree Frogs here) would start to sing their songs. Evening for me was magical. I never realized it though. Evening is rather sneaky.

It is Good News, it’s just warm enough to sit outside for a bit without being bundled up where I live. I didn’t see any bats yet, but I know they are there. Instead of being focused on the dirty old baseball I can barely see, I focus on the sky… the stars. The Tree Frogs and Whippoorwills still sing to me, my memories keep me a tad warmer. Tongight, once dusk starts go outside and sit for a bit, and remember.

GOOD NEWS! Digging!

I had the beginnings of this in a discord posting. Of course, at that point I wasn’t behind on my blog posts. Of course I wasn’t 2 two days behind then. Right from the start, falling behind. It will all be alright though. Things happen, just persevere. With that being said lets get on with it GOOD NEWS!!!!! Digging is still the thing to do!

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When i was a kid, we would dig for all sorts of reasons. Making a racetrack for my match box cars, building walls for my army men to take cover behind, later for my GI Joe’s to take cover behind. We’d dig ramps for our BMX bikes in the trails, later for the Motor Cycles we’d dig to make a nice fort (hole in the ground covered in plywood). These are all things that were fun to do. We dont, well I don’t dig anymore.. not for that. Ther is still good news though… It’s into Spring now. Spring when the ground warms up and it’s time to plant… split bulbs, clear the beds and get ready to put more flowers down. Little later here than usual been cold.

160 Flower Bed Ideas for a Picturesque Landscape - Wedinator

Just one more thing you can do to help take your mind off of things, Dig some holes 🙂 If you don’t have any flower beds yet, why not start this year. Doesn’t take much to do, just need the time we all say there isn’t enough of anymore. This Year though we all seem to have a bit more. Telecommuting and Social distancing means you can now spend the time… rather than reading my blogs. It’s a good hobby to get into, doesn’t cost much, is forgiving when you plan just a bit,. Wife watched a pile of You tube videos… all sorts of tips there. for you to peruse. When its done though consider sprinkling some Army Men amongst the flowers.

MurdocK's MarauderS: Garden Wars - ARMY MEN

Sorry I’m behind folks, having some sleep problems, and some life problems. I’ll get there though… Ill just keep digging 🙂


Anyone who knows me knew this one was going to happen. For others its GOO DNEWS TEA… That’s going to have to be “T” though for the A to Z challenge (no promises). Now, I understand Coffee maybe not be actual good news, except for me. Coffee has take on a life of it’s own here at my house though.

38 Ways You Can Make a Delicious Cup of Coffee | Chef Jay's Kitchen

You see it’s one of those small, but welcome things. I wake up usually before my Wife. Then I go through my morning steps (sometimes I’m just still awake). I let our two dogs out, then go into the kitchen and make the Coffee. While the Coffee brews I empty or fill the dishwasher depending on the situation. Nothing big right? Then My wife wakes up and the coffee is there… and small though the gesture is, it helps her start her day on the right foot. The little things we do mean a lot to others. The problem is recognizing them.

Little Things Mean A Lot! – Tribute Journal

The Good News, well it’s not coffee for everyone although I consider having coffee to be good news. The Good News is that you can have a positive impact on people in your life simply by doing little things. You may not always see how big of an impact your routine, your life, your existence has on others. I guarantee you it does though. I especially like when I don’t wake up first and someone has made sure there is Coffee for me.

Whats your Small thing, think about it… You matter!

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