Nickels – Why you shouldn’t Eat them.

Now, this is 100% a joke. No one should eat nickels… but sometimes it is a super fun idea to feed nickels to people who are super dumb. SUPER DUMB! So here are, lets go with the top 10 reasons.. nah 11 reason to feed a roll of nickels to a person.

  1. The person in question seems to be in dire need of this particular metal in their diet.
  2. The person has so much air in their head that they are going to float away so this will help anchor them
  3. They don’t have two to rub together and you want to help out.
  4. They complain that their poop floats and this is a helpful way to stop that.
  5. During meetings they say “What If” and make everything take longer.
  6. Repeatedly asking the same question only louder and more emphatically.
  7. They wear a mask not covering their nose not understanding how the respiratory system works.
  8. People who think 8 is great.
  9. People who feed quarters to people raising the cost of feeding people coins
  10. wanting to eat nickels yourself rather than feeding them to others, don’t be greedy
  11. People who don’t have ideas for the letter “N” and making a list about feeding people nickels.

Honestly, I had a running joke with a friend about feeding people nickels when they did something stupid. Miss the friend, thought I’d toss this out there for fun.

Movie.. hmmm I don’t care its April and I don’t care if people think its “C” when its “N” National Lampoons, Christmas vacation.


I am my own Manchurian Candidate.

“M” is for Manchurian, not talking about the movie, which was awesome. I am speaking of the tiny voice in my head that tells me to not do something, tells me to stop doing something, tells me that it doesn’t matter, cannot matter and in the end will be fruitless all around. He is not the nicest voice, and isn’t really a voice, more like a stain of memory.

We likely all have this self immolating voice, the one from within that burns us time and time again, fear, false starts, procrastination. One minute we are on track for greatness, the next, B O O M ! We didn’t need to go anyplace special to manage to sabotage ourselves. We have slowly but steadily convinced ourselves, or allowed others to convince us that we can’t do something. It’s a difficult thing to overcome too, some of us never do, it’s a daily fight to do certain things.

We ring our own bells

Speaking only for me… I can’t fix things around the house, nope can’t do it. Been like this since I was a kid.Except I have definitive proof that I can, in fact fix things around the house. I have replaced all the outlets, outdoor lights, ceiling fans, walls. I can point to things and say I fixed that… outside gutters, the roof. In my head though is a quiet almost inaudible voice that exudes a feeling of hopeless inadequacy to the task. it’s not like the internal voice most of us have that debates ides around, its not really a voice at all. A I have to psych myself up to start something, research it look at it stare at it and convince myself that nothing I do to it can be worse than how it is now. Forever to start something… and I stop frequently when I run into a problem and have a hard time starting again. I feel like, or hope that most of us do something similar. Maybe, Maybe not… but If you do this too, know its not just you.

So there we have it… I Manchurian Candidate myself. Which is the movie you should watch… the old one not the newer one. 1962.

I need a Letter “L”

I mean, Letter is a word that starts with an “L” so It could be that. Writing a blog about writing letters would make it so I wrote a Letter about Letters for the A to Z letter challenge. Either that, or I could simply be losing my mind… Losing does start with “L” and there is a possibility that is happening too. Confusing isn’t it.

Reality though I really need to have made a better plan for this years challenge, I am not to far behind but I am struggling with my letters. If I had a plan this would definitely be easier. For those of you with a plan… GREAT JOB!!!! So “l” for letters. or letter writing. I cannot even remember the last time I wrote, hand wrote a letter. I send emails all the time, but handwritten anything besides a note on some food in the fridge saying “DON’T EAT THIS IT’S DADS” well not really.

When I was in school you learned how to write a letter. Where the address went and what order it went in. How you would address it to a person, vs a business. Letter writing was taught then tested on. Now… sheesh Now you could very well be sending a letter through email to someone named and everything could be written in some weird code. Although I do appreciate the Emoji’s.

Here is what I would like everyone to do today, instead of watching a movie. Go, go and write a letter. Find a family member or old friends address and grab a piece of paper or even some old stationary that you have in a drawer. grab a nice pen, something in a fine tip and limber up that hand so you don’t cramp mid sentence (trust me it can happen). Then just write, HI (name) it’s been so long I thought it would be fun to write to you… then just let the words flow. Make a mistake cross it out and keep on going, make a joke about it. Quick way to add to the body of the letter.

Hope you are all doing well. Oh OH!!! I looked and there are websites to get penpals. You can actually find other people to write do just do a penpal search and see whats out there. So many options available from international, local, email, postcards and snail mail letters. Something for everyone if you are interested.I thought that was neat. I’d link some but without me looking into them first I don’t want to do that 🙂 So go look for yourselves folks. Have a great day.

Keeping Up – A how not to :)

I’m behind a day again here on the A to Z Challenge. Things many things going on. I may not be keeping up, but I’m not falling to far behind either. One day in the gran scheme isn’t awful, for a hobby at least. For the visiting other blogs bit of the challenge I am doing very well in my opinion. Reading a blog or two is much quicker than writing one 🙂 I am currently on #122 of the list, or will be after I finish this blog. I will be trying to get to 150 today if possible.

For “K” though it seems appropriate to go with keeping up, it’s a lazy way to K (I rhymed lol). What else am I keeping up on.. well I am keeping up on my reading, which is important to me. I don’t have a lot of hobbies, none really, except I read. I am keeping up on my set up for a fundraiser I run every year. I will be posting about it here when I get to the letter “S” for the A to Z Challenge. Dear, dear readers get ready to donate a little for Vets. I am keeping up on Laundry which is a H U G E accomplishment. Well I was keeping up… I slacked of yesterday but … one load does not break my streak.

Not keeping up though, well I recently got a puppie, well no I got two, two puppies yep two. Puppies are a pain in the ass, cute, lovable, floofie and a royal pain in the ass. Puppies have made it so I stopped doing other things. I was sanding and washing walls to repaint. I don’t want to paint and have the pups not want to hang out in the room with me. I was working on cleaning some of the other areas of the house. Stopped that too, replaced with training and housebreaking.

Tips to help keep up, well. Considering I struggle to keep up with the things I take on, I’m not to sure how me handing out tips would help you. Except, keeping a list has always helped me even when I am behind. My best, only, workable tip for you is this. Keep a list and while in the midst of doing a project and something comes up, add it to the list. That way you don’t get sidetracked, you aren’t distracted and you wont be worried you are going to forget about it. For the time being it is taken care of.

A film starting with the letter “K” though that’s a tuff one for me. I’m going to go with Kingsman 🙂 I wasn’t to sure about this at first. My wife and Son harassed me to watch it, It’s a strange spy type movie with odd humor but is a great deal of fun. Sequels now too… two i think, I might have to have a movie marathon tonight.

Good, Weird Fun 🙂
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