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Vaccines — Eliminating Evil

After that last post, all serious and such… Vaccines something I can try and have some fun with. There are those out there that will read this and pass out… From my discussion of needles no doubt. Others will mock my lack of knowledge… Continue Reading “Vaccines — Eliminating Evil”

A to Z The Truth is out there…

… Yeah I know only I could use a X-Files tagline in blog title. I’m betting it’s not true go look it up 🙂 Having said that, Truth is something in short supply now. Perhaps it is my naivete from being a kid but… Continue Reading “A to Z The Truth is out there…”

A to Z Challenge Letter “G” Gangsters…

I can only assume that the word Gangster is different than gangsta… Or perhaps the Mob or Mafia Isn’t really the same. Both groups do bad things but it’s not the same. Commonly referred to or not Gangsters meant something else when I was… Continue Reading “A to Z Challenge Letter “G” Gangsters…”

A to Z 2019 – Journey Into…

… I have no idea. I missed the date for the theme reveal which works out since I don’t really have a theme this year. I’m winging it… Unless I think of something before tomorrow morning. April sort of snuck up on me this… Continue Reading “A to Z 2019 – Journey Into…”

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