Pituitary Tumors, Specifically mine.

So I’ve been moody again today and cranky, could be sleep deprived could be many of things.  I tend to blame the tumor.  I don’t think about it often I’m to busy living with it and adapting to it to really think about it.  I want it gone, Doc says nope.  Doc also said it wouldn’t help if it were gone anyway since the damage is done.  So long as it doesn’t get any bigger they just let it be. Check out what it messes with.

  • Headaches   –  I have them every single day, comes with  blurred and sometimes hazed over tunnel vision and eye pain.
  • Depression – Hard not to be I guess, I think I’m doing fairly well with it, If you want a different answer ask someone else.
  • Mood/Emotion Swings – So I have been told, I’ve noticed it to, sometimes I can catch it and think through it though, sometimes not.
  • Anger – Oh yes, indeed, angry often again though I can tell between irrationally and not most days so i just keep away from people.
  • Loss of Memory – The loss isn’t the worst, its knowing I knew it and don’t now. That pisses me off the most, this one is the worst for me.
  • Loss of Sleep – I don’t sleep well.  I barely sleep at all at least not restful sleep.
  • Sexual Dysfunction – On the plus side I have no desire anyway, maybe Ill be a priest no or a Monk, The Brotherhood Of Pituitary Sadness.
  • Lethargy – Oh yes because I’m constantly exhausted by doing very little like umm breathing.
  • Weakness in Limbs – Ya see Lethargy, stairs can be a bitch now it doesn’t take much and I’m shot.
  • High Blood Pressure – Under control at least for now some lifestyle changes were needed.
  • Unusual Hair Growth -Well I didn’t get this one at least unless you count the pacman board on my back.
  • Eating Disorders
    • Anorexia – Nope
    • Obesity – Was Getting there, kinda hard to exercise when you get tired doing anything but I have lost weight with smarter eating
    • Bulimia – nope
    • Weight Gain – See fat bastard, I mean Obesity.
  • Diabetes – Runs on mothers side of the family so now I have a twofer, isn’t that great.
  • Infertility – Three kids already so I don’t care about this one.
  • Impotence – Hormone therapy is a wonder now if only the medication didn’t leave chemical burns. Damn! I love side effects.
  • Irregular Menses – I’m really glad I didn’t suddenly develop this one.
  • Lactating – Or this one either…

Big list huh.  All because the stupid tumor is keeping my body from making the hormones it needs to make. The replacement stuff sucks.  Its messy in one form also slimy sticky it has to be applied to the shoulders only and left on constantly.  The patches they make irritate the skin and leave oval shaped burn marks, they hurt.  Picture having oval sunburns that move daily and causes the skin to slough off like a sunburn blister, great side effect huh Doc said i was exaggerating til he saw it.  Lucky me I feel blessed it can only be placed on shoulders thighs and upper arm so that makes it even better sometimes it heals all the way before the next patch sometimes not.  Last but not least I can get shots, which, will make me pass out.  Needles and me don’t go well together, also its inconsistent in that form since they are  two weeks apart.

Now add in the broken ass Thyroid and it makes for good times let me tell you. Weight gain because I can’t really exercise affects the possibility of Diabetes. Then there is the ever present problem that some of what I need to do for the tumor effects other things negatively, very negatively to the point that I was taken off all the Medication that made me feel right for three months for fear of having a stroke.   So I had to start all over again.  I don’t want to anymore, Its a giant circle of SUCK but we live with what we have to right?  Right.

Visitors, out of town arrivals and dirt.

So there really Isn’t anything better than finding out your In-laws are coming 2 days before they arrive.  Nothing like it. Stressful and such because suddenly things that have been just fine cleaning wise for the last 6 months are filthy nasty and gross.  Well they weren’t  being pointed out just before this event so what changed? What the hell happened?  I know what happened. Suddenly you had someone else s voice in your head.  I’m familiar with it, all my voices are my own though so that doesn’t bother me anymore but for the rest of you I guess its kinda scary.

If you hadn't moved the book it would be fine, quick put it back!

So here is what you do.  Nothing you just ignore it and when they arrive tell them all how busy you have been and then.  Let them clean up for you, let them dust if its important to them and clean and do laundry and all the other things that you very simply don’t have the time to do anyway.  Dust, BAH! I Sneeze at dust.

Try not to stress to much, you’ll be fine.  And if not there is always te Prozac you can take which will also help with the guilt over making your visiting family clean up after you.

"Mmmmm Psychotic release candies"

So just relax take a deep breath and enjoy the show.

….And now the News… Yah right.

 Seems a shame to me really why things are the way they are.  Many things do, where do you even start?  The news maybe, I have a hatred for the news bordering on insanity.  Perhaps its just me although somehow I doubt it.  They color everything in the worst possible light now to keep people scared.  Politically they either skew things or their stupid. I’m not sure which it is but its true regardless.  Doubt me, huh.  That’s alright your free to do so however, do you doubt them?

I take the time to look for information when the News reports some ridiculous thing the President or Congress has done.  I especially like to hear about whatever bill happens to be in the works and it gets beat all to hell on the news on how its basically evil.  So then I go look it up and read it.  This is when I usually start talking to myself using bad words.  You can see the actual bill online, any amendments to it as well.  Problem is we are lazy.  There was a time when we could rely on the press to tell us what was happening impartially.  That time is well past now. With few exceptions the press has become a scourge of propagandists to rival anything seen before in history.  What about actual news rather then someones impression of news? Wouldn’t that be nice.  I’ll go back to the various wars we are fighting as an example.  Anything on the news? in the paper? Hmmm.. no, no, nope sure isn’t.  Are they over? Did I miss it?  Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq.  Yes yes I know those aren’t wars they are  whatever word it is that we use now so it doesn’t seem like a war.  Guess what though, it is. WAR there is the definition of it.  Seems pretty self explanatory to me. So why isn’t it being reported on, maybe because it wont sell?  Of course it wont its a war, no one wants them but sticking the American public’s head in the sand and hoping we don’t notice (most haven’t, sad huh) and then reporting on some actress’s latest goof to entertain us is silly.  They had shows on like that you know back some years things like Entertainment tonight and such, seem to me that’s every station now, its just all called “news”.

Newspapers are a bit better you can sometimes find something on things that actually impact our lives rather then entertain us, or in reality to distract us.  Reminds me of an old movie…”Its people” being the most famous line from it.  How did this happen?  Anyone?

Space the final.. mission?

Sad astronaut

             Space the final.. mission?

Shuttle Atlantis is on the 135th Shuttle mission, and the last shuttle mission.  Atlantis will be docking with the space station, or what I call the interstellar money pit.  The crew of Atlantis will be delivering a years worth of supplies, the last mission, a supply run, how nice.  That’s not all though they will also be bringing out the trash.  A 12 day mission is planned with an extra day possible so I’m certain there is a bit more to it then that, but honestly, who even cares anymore?  Well I do so I looked it up,  the years worth of supplies, over 5 tons should hold the crew over long enough for the next delivery, By who?  Two companies actually Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX ) and Orbital Sciences Corp. They’re building unmanned cargo ships to take over. Initial test flights are expected later this year or early next. Weird huh, unmanned commercially owned spaceships. Where the hell is my jetpack is what im thinking and why can’t I get a ride on one of these things for less then a million.
In the meantime, US Astronauts will be the Solar Systems newest hitchhiker’s, catching rides with the Russian Soyuz capsules until, well until nothing.  We have no plans for any new ships, or capsules of our own.  In 2004 president Bush announced the closing down of the shuttle program and directed NASA to start looking at the moon again.  Well, alright the moon could be neat our technology now compared to the last time there is so far advanced I’m sure it could be worthwhile.  Plus they owe us a Moon base to go with my Jetpack. Be honest now you want them too.  Now, President Obama has change it to going to an asteroid by 2025, exciting huh, they better have Jetpacks by then, I’ve seen Armageddon, they could have used some jetpacks.  Then we head to Mars, which I think we should do now, I know we can, you can look it up there are actually clear plans, several of them in fact. I’ll volunteer to go.

When Atlantis returns, it will be put on display at the Kennedy Space Center. Discovery and Endeavour already are retired and being prepped for museums in suburban Washington and Los Angeles.  The original test shuttle Enterprise will be relocated from the Smithsonian to the Intrepid sea-air-space museum in NY.  Challenger exploded in 1986 during lift off, Shuttle Columbia was lost in 2003 during reentry, Both shuttle crews have Memorials at Arlington National cemetary.

So Ends an era, to be replaced by… Nothing.  John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and Jim Lovell have made their concerns known to the Obama administration.  I personally think we should all add on to that, so Im writing some letters today to my representatives, I want us to continue into space.  We should go back to the moon, and Mars, and someone should go check on poor Pluto while we are at it (still a planet in my book) and finally… I want my damn jetpack.

If you like that picture up top, you can get it on a t-shirt  go to thinkgeek.com do a search on the word Shuttle.  I took that pic off my shirt. 🙂
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