When do movies become repeats? Anyone know?

 Was there really some kind of conspiracy to make nothing new this year, or last year? How about the four years before that? It seems to me that’s all that is coming out. Here are just a few coming for this year that we haven’t already seen in theaters.  Footloose, Judge Dread, Short Circuit, Jaws, The Three Musketeers, Dune, Robocop, Daredevil, Total Recall, Point Break and let’s not leave out Godzilla. The big lizard has been done over since 1954. Which is quite a long time when you think about it.  He has been b a good guy and a bad guy, sorry monster. He has defended the planet from invasion, killed pollution and made a much better Jurrasic park sequel movie than the actual sequel did.

Again though, why oh why are we making more remakes and reboots of things.  Let’s look at ones that have been pretty bad.  Karate Kid, woo boy, there was a winner huh. No way that was ever going to be as good. There the dozens of horror films being remade. I’m waiting for some jackass to try and redo Poltergeist or the Exorcist. Has anyone not heard about them trying to remake Jaws yet? People in studios have been smoking the crack pipe to long I think.

So really no fresh new ideas out there? Want me to write a screen play for you all? I can guarantee it will be original, funny, and dark. Plus did I mention original? Alright I was just making sure.  I have the perfect formula for making a hit movie anyway so let me know, and Ill write up a proposal for whatever you want. Just let me know I have all kinds of ideas all rolling around in my head now.  Most involve monkeys. So here is a list of films I think they should remake.  First I really think Spice World should have the dust blown off of it and see how that works out for them.  Next I would really love to see From Justin to Kelly get a nice spruce. Finally, I think we would all really love to see Howard the duck.  I’m only serious about one of them. You pick.

People are always starting over, Stop that their are no do overs!

What are you five?  Stop that!  I’m starting my life over again, what the hell does that even mean? You climbing back in the womb again?  There is no do over and people who think that such a thing exists are just begging to repeat their past mistakes. Obviously you have learned nothing from the mistakes you have made in the past. So ya go ahead let’s have a nice do over and brush all the other insipid crap under the table.

Well guess what, there is no do over. You either learn from your mistakes or you don’t. If you can look at what went wrong and figure out what you should have done then your chances of repeating it go way down. Most people would rather it be someone, something or fates fault then their own. They repeat the same mistakes again and again.

Want some examples? I’d be happy to oblige you. The three-time divorcée that never figured out that its them destroying the relationships they get into.  They get complacent and stop trying once they are married and then the marriage atrophied. Their partner keeps trying until they decide it isn’t worth it anymore and then they divorce. The now four-time divorcee points the fingers at their spouse and never accepts blame or figures out why it happened they just want to start over again. They are quite mad you know. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

That may not be a popular out look for many people but I believe it is an accurate one.  Don’t get me wrong my life isn’t a perfect land of sunshine and rainbows either.  As a matter of fact its something of a mess, It’s my mess though and I will deal with it. What other choice do I have. All I’m hoping for is to learn from my past mistakes and not repeat them. First you have to be able to look at them though, most people won’t they would rather blame everything but themselves for the state of their lives. He was a bad influence, she never listened, they didn’t give me the report i needed on time. All very human reactions to the world.  Guess what though, its your won fault, be accountable for your own life and stop blaming others.

Socrates was a pretty smart fellow he defiantly did not live his life through do overs and neither should you. He lived over 2,400 years ago and no matter how well-educated it’s nothing compared to todays knowledge and yet, his life had great meaning. So why are humans now all so stupid about such simple things like learning from their mistakes.  Makes me wonder sometimes, makes me wonder a great deal.

Strange things we have around us, no one see’s.

We used a high frequency signal camera to make the box appear in this photo

There is an ongoing debate around my home involving things that I know exist but my kids deny it completely.  Now I know for certain that these things are out there in the world but convincing kids of this is impossible without physical proof.  For example, The Mime Box.  I have been talking about the Mime Box for close to 20 years now. I was recently reminded of it but had never seen anything on the TV or the news about it so apparently whoever has been giving away my secrets didn’t know about this one, or didn’t think it was good enough.

There are two ways of getting yourself a Mime box, well three but one is just wrong, ok four but two are just wrong.  First is to have an artist paint a mime inside his box and then cut it out.  Fold it up like you would origami and you have it.  Be careful though you don’t want to have the mime still in the box of the picture or things could get nasty. Second is to become a Mime and just wait till you are issued your own box.  This is not a good plan since it takes years to reach your full potential and receive your graduation box. The final two are somewhat Evil.  You can race up behind a Mime while he or she is performing and  gun the box to the floor.  Eventually the trapped Mime will expire then just use a claw hammer to recover your new box..  The final option is to create your Own mind mime box, yes Mind Mime.  You create an invisible box cutting off another person from any interpersonal contact making them feel trapped and unable to ask for help.  This box is only usable on a specific individual and can’t be moved to another since it relies  on the victims own spirit to maintain the box.

Harvey shown in background

I think we have time to go over at least one more invisible item.  Although perhaps item is the wrong word. Your imaginary friends.  I say yours because I don’t have one anymore, he passed away a few years ago a victim of some cruel things done to my psyche by a loved one.  Sadly my imaginary friend took the brunt of the attack, he died from his wounds surrounded by his friends and family, the voices in my head.  I did recover for the most part since my friend protected me while I of course lost some part of myself it was only the best part so no worries.  Imaginary friends are always there through childhood and later in life too.  You can’t see them anymore since they hide once your to grown up to appreciate them anymore.  Sometimes they disguise themselves as one of the voices in your head so they can at least still be around you.  So far as getting a new imaginary friend, that’s hard.  Here are a few ways you can manage it if you really want to.  First you can create a friend from one of the voices in your head.  This has a small likelihood of success but only because they already have personalities of their own and are rather set in their ways.  You can also just start talking to a fake imaginary friend until a stray Imaginary friend notices and takes the job.  The problem with that is sometimes the stray was fired from another imaginary friend job and, well lets just say its usually for good reason see Poltergeist and the Exorcist  for decent examples of stray imaginary friends misbehaving read the books, the movies aren’t accurate.   So that’s it.

Well I hope you found this informative! 🙂


Hedgehog Special Forces.

Using their camouflage these hedgehogs provide support.

Hedgehogs have been on the front line of every battle since WWI when they would camouflage themselves as large metal stakes shaped like jacks to block tanks and provide shelter to those who fought alongside them.  hedgehog forces themselves never wanted any of the accolades that came with such self sacrificing behavior but preferred to remain apart in case some day a larger threat every presented itself.

Shown in the picture to the left is Corporal Haddy and Lt. Dartner.  Providing cover for the people storming the beach. Both survived this encounter and now their Grandchildren both fight in the Hedgehog Special forces division of the Elven League.  They were unavailable to comment on this piece apparently they are on “Training Maneuvers”.  We of course wish them luck and God’s speed.

About to gas a bunker and head in.

As time has passed so has the mission of the Hedgehog Special Forces as they were utilized similarly during WWII as a support element plans were laid to have them take a more active role, if only in secret.  During the Korean war and later Vietnam they were used as more of infiltration force sneaking in to “Neutralize” certain forces from the threat board.  Since Hedgehogs have considerably longer lifespans then most other of the worlds creatures we have a picture here to the right of now Chief Haddy with one of his squad mates just as they were about to gas out an enemy bunker and then head in for some Intel and possible POW work.  We of course can’t say precisely when this occurred since it falls under the secrets act.

Through Research and Development the Hedehog forces ahve become much more adept at infiltration and elimination of enemy forces.  They no longer work for the Gov’t but are rather involved with the Elven League in “Problem Solving” As a privately funded group their tactics and weapons have become second to none.  These forces are now specialized for both woodland and urban assaults.  Working in places that the Winged Monkeys and Ninja Baboons would normally operate these Hedgehog forces now do more open work while still maintaining their specialized talents.  Amazing leaps in camouflage technology now allows them to blend in perfectly in any environment as shown below.

In addition to their camo abilities they have also gotten some upgraded gear in order to do quick assaults in any environment shown here is an Image of a Trooper riding on his trusty Steed. This was taken by one of our own troops of a member of the “Celtic National Hedgehog Brigade”.  While a Chicken may not seem like much  of a mount it is in fact rather genius for jungle warfare and quick maneuvers in the field.  The more high tech options for the hedgehog’s are of course classified however we did receive a photo of some prototype Rollerblades for quick urban assaults shown here to the

left.  These prototypes also come with chariot wheel spikes and turbo boost among other things we have yet to discover. Hopefully we will see these in the filed soon if they aren’t already

In addition to these boots Hedghog forces are now armed with combat bows for silence and have been known to use Lemon wedge tips for maximum effect against almost al know opponents.  We were unable to get any photo’s of these weapons being eployed however we do have some nice images of the newer Lemon Grenades. See below. They come in “flavors”

Now of course there are times when the big guns have to be called in so some of the older more stable hedgehogs have been genetically altered in order to be used in a more offensive based role.  Using what they knew of camouflage techniques going back to WWI the Hedgehog R&D department decided to turn it around from a defensive hedgehog role for support and more offensive like the tanks they were originally used to slow down or stop during the first World War. Shown below is now General Dartner testing his new abilities in a controlled environment on the effectiveness of these new abilities against a lightly armored vehicle.  I’m sure you will agree it is impressive.

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