The letter “L” – I’m going to wander though this one.

I slept in a bit this morning stayed up late last night playing a video games on the PC with some friends and eldest. In between matches I tried to think of a topic for today’s A to Z Challenge. I didn’t get very far with it since we were all talking through Discord while she was Streaming the games for others to watch. All video games need a bit of trash talking after all.

Guess I will go with lackadaisical. Took this from A person with a lackadaisical attitude shows no enthusiasm and puts forth a half-hearted effort. But it’s more of a dreamy, laid back approach rather than sheer laziness. I choose that definition rather than Webster’s because it was kinder to me and my state of mind. Laid back and dreamy that’s me today.

I’m not feeling lazy about writing today just a bit relaxed and willing to let whatever types itself out stay. This is usually a good day to just write and see what happens. Usually what happens though is I wander all over the map. I will try not to do that.

We played a few games last night the first was Super Animal Royale. I will let you watch the video for the game below. I will tell you it is free to play, silly and does take your mind off things. My enjoying it has nothing to do with the fact that I can beat people with a marshmallow on a stick to win. The basics though, you alone or with up to three other friends try to be the last animals standing out of 64 players.

My Daughter was streaming this through Twitch for a few hours . If you don’t know Twitch is a platform that allows you to broadcast your content to the world anyone can watch. I have seen people teach arts and crafts, play Tabletop games, Teach, Hula Hoop or just sit and chat for hours. Twitch is also free if anyone is interested. Just type in the search for things you are interested in, then either sit and watch or join in the chat. I think my favorite lately is one of you can stream a movie through it while literally hundreds of people can sit and watch with you.

Oh since we are talking about ways to interact I know people are using Zoom and several other platforms for them to keep in touch with friends and family. A nice free one we use is called Discord. There are thousands of groups all with their own set of interests. Its free to use and you can set up your own self contained chat and text rooms. I use it mostly for friends we play games with there are currently 353 people on ours and a list of 30 game channels people can enter to talk during games, plus text channels for sharing pictures and things. It’s also set up to post messages from the game developers channels we play and Twitter as well. For a new person, it’s simply a great way to keep in touch. For Bloggers… well it could be another tool in your Branding box if you wanted since you can integrate it with Twitter and other social media platforms. Wouldn’t be a great thing for me since my writing outside of this blog is freelance, not author related and a great deal more on point unlike this. I don’t want clients to see this place (laugh). This is where I just type and do a quick check then send it out into the world, like a catharsis. I think for an author though, the ability to chat with and interact more directly with fans could be of great use.

Wow, Lackadaisical has taken me, in unexpected directions. I think they are good ones though. Maybe some of you want to play games with a group be it table top games (Using Discord to coordinate) Oh Table Top Games!!! Yes! using that and discord… any game with friends. Everyone logs into the game and you all connect on Discord to play. D&D, Risk, hundreds from the game developers and hundreds more you can add in from people who make their own for it. Ya know I think I just wrote myself into several other letters to be expanded on. (looking things over, this is way to long already, someone needs to wrap this up).

A to Z letter L, Lackadaisical mission complete… Long, rambling perhaps, informational I hope. Time for me to look at the next 50 or so blogs on the master list, go through my reader que for the day and decide on tomorrows letter “M”. Or maybe… grab my marshmallow stick and go forth to do battle.

Monday thoughts as I go through A to Z.

For those of you following along on this years A to Z Challenge, I am caught up after some brief and completely avoidable procrastination. Yes, yes, I procrastinate, doesn’t matter I have caught up on my writing, even going back a few days for the letter “H” which I missed somehow. (Sorry “H”, no offense intended).

This Guys Comics are funny go take a look.

I am currently at #200 on the master list and found some gems along the way that I followed. If your on WordPress you got the cool new follower notification, the rest of you… well I’m sorry but you do show up in my reader now. I’m currently trying to figure out how to leave comments as Outside Perception. Google wants me to use my id, but I don’t carry that with me wherever I go. My Mom used to tell me to keep my ID with me but my blogging ID and my Google ID don’t get along soooo… I’ll figure it out at some point. Rest Assured I’m trying…(unless I procrastinate again). Also what’s a Gravitar, and I looked at a few new formats for my blog as well. I’m doing ok.

Procrastination flow-chart | Phil Venditti | Flickr

The flowchart is in case anyone needs help on how to procrastinate. Happy Monday everyone. Be safe, smart, and above all caffeinated.

A to Z – K is for Kaleidoscope!

When I was a kid, I loved Kaleidoscopes. I still do to an extent now, if only they weren’t always made so cheaply. Every year at Christmas I get some to put in peoples stockings. I don’t think anyone likes them as much as I do, that’s ok.

File:Kaleidoscope 2.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

When choosing to write about this today I looked at the Wikipedia page for Kaleidoscopes, I stopped reading it though, took some of the magic away for me. I left the link though in case some of you would like to be enlightened :).

Since I promised myself and everyone else that I wouldn’t be discussing a certain subject that shall not be named, I won’t. What I will do though is try and find some things for people to do when I can. You see this morning I was bored… So I went looking for something and here it is for all of you.

It doesn’t look to terribly difficult to do 🙂 Lord knows we all have paper towel and toilet paper rolls all over (laugh) so have some childhood fun today folks.

Be safe!

Horrible just Horrible… A TO Z Rewind… No really

It has been brought to my attention that I forgot the letter “H”. This is why it’s horrible. I had thought I was caught up. I wont go on and on here, I thought maybe I would just move on and call it good but, I can’t

If I skip it, if I don’t go back.. I will know and it will keep me awake at night so before we get on to todays letter a small rewind is in order. We’ll keep it light and quick though, so

Top Five Horrible Things and One Truly Horrible That’s Really Good!
(That’s like a clickbait link, I’m so proud!)

1. Going through the process of making the coffee, but forgetting to hit the ON button.

2. Cleaning the Kitchen after Easter Dinner.

3. After getting a cup of coffee finally, discovering grounds in the bottom of the cup.

4. Forgetting the Letter “H” during the A to Z challenge.

5. Only being able to find the left pair of two pairs of shoes.

The Good… The Best Horrible Ever…

You can watch the entire Dr. Horrible’s sing along Blog on Amazon, for free with Amazon Prime.

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