I need a Letter “L”

I mean, Letter is a word that starts with an “L” so It could be that. Writing a blog about writing letters would make it so I wrote a Letter about Letters for the A to Z letter challenge. Either that, or I could simply be losing my mind… Losing does start with “L” and there is a possibility that is happening too. Confusing isn’t it.

Reality though I really need to have made a better plan for this years challenge, I am not to far behind but I am struggling with my letters. If I had a plan this would definitely be easier. For those of you with a plan… GREAT JOB!!!! So “l” for letters. or letter writing. I cannot even remember the last time I wrote, hand wrote a letter. I send emails all the time, but handwritten anything besides a note on some food in the fridge saying “DON’T EAT THIS IT’S DADS” well not really.

When I was in school you learned how to write a letter. Where the address went and what order it went in. How you would address it to a person, vs a business. Letter writing was taught then tested on. Now… sheesh Now you could very well be sending a letter through email to someone named LeetNoobMasterRay@Dinglehub.com and everything could be written in some weird code. Although I do appreciate the Emoji’s.

Here is what I would like everyone to do today, instead of watching a movie. Go, go and write a letter. Find a family member or old friends address and grab a piece of paper or even some old stationary that you have in a drawer. grab a nice pen, something in a fine tip and limber up that hand so you don’t cramp mid sentence (trust me it can happen). Then just write, HI (name) it’s been so long I thought it would be fun to write to you… then just let the words flow. Make a mistake cross it out and keep on going, make a joke about it. Quick way to add to the body of the letter.

Hope you are all doing well. Oh OH!!! I looked and there are websites to get penpals. You can actually find other people to write do just do a penpal search and see whats out there. So many options available from international, local, email, postcards and snail mail letters. Something for everyone if you are interested.I thought that was neat. I’d link some but without me looking into them first I don’t want to do that 🙂 So go look for yourselves folks. Have a great day.

10 Comments on “I need a Letter “L”

  1. I loved writing letters before. Unfortunately, with the advent of technology, it’s not quite practical anymore. Unless you are sendng something to surpise someone via FedEx. You can send that letter as part of the package.

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  2. Your post made me laugh, which is perfect for the letter L as well. And you’ve inspired me to write a letter to a friend today as well. So double success with your post today.

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  3. You made me laugh this morning. I like writing but like everyone else have gotten away from it. It’s so personal and appreciated most times. I remember not too long ago I received a Christmas card signed with a half hand print of fingers. From a grown Man! You remembered something from your childhood. I smiled and laughed. That’s what a letter is all about! (L) Letters Love etc

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  4. Kids today don’t understand the concept of writing a leter, and then waiting to receive one back. I wrote many letters as a kid and had several pen pals all over the world. Email has ruined it for us in todays world… it’s all about how fast can it be sent.

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