Decisions, Decisions…

Yep, we all have to make them. Decisions. how do we make them, why do we make them, what do we make of them after all is said and done. well here we go, I’ve decided that today on the A to Z Challenge “D” is for decisions. One of my decisions today is I’m going to start Blog hopping as soon as I send this in.

Oddly enough even not making a decision, is one… For example, today I could have not done a letter “D” prompt. That would still be a decision. Decisions, choices, same idea.. same attributes.. and just sitting back and not doing anything at all is a decision. Procrastinating is a decision, people don’t want to admit to it sometimes, but it is. The result is the same no mater which way ya look at it, something gets done, or doesn’t based on your action or inaction, based on making a choice or not, deciding or not. Everything we do is our own. Outside influences? sure, but it’s still us.

Poor Linus.

We sometimes wish we hadn’t made a certain decision, we regret a choice… but we don’t always consider what other choices came about because of that choice. So today, for now.. I’m going to make the best decision I can based on whatever info I have and then, live with it. In the end that’s all we can do. I like to try and be helpful so here are some ways to help you make a good decision.

  1. Set a deadline to decide so you don’t procrastinate everything into oblivion.
  2. Make a Pro/Con List
  3. Consider it in the context of short term and long term goals.
  4. Talk it out with a friend if you can.
  5. Decide.

Just for fun I found something you can do to identity what kind of a decision maker you are just click below.

Questionnaire to identify your decision making style

If that doesn’t help then you can always use the tried but true MAGIC 8 BALL!!!

The Almighty 8 Ball

This days movie choice brought to you by the letter “D” and some popcorn. Doll Man Vs Demonic Toys. Just a mess of a movie 🙂 You know what though sometimes ya just have to embrace a bad movie watching decision.

10 Comments on “Decisions, Decisions…

  1. Recognizing we always have choice and agency is liberating (and the fact that doing nothing is also a decision that we are accountable for so why not make a “positive” decision). Another great post!

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  2. There is something to be said for postponing a decision until some future date. Sometimes you need time to calm down. Sometimes you need time to do some research and better understand your options. But setting a deadline for that sort of decision is important. Putting off making a decision indefinitely is still often the worst decision you could make!

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  3. Each day starts with a decision that leads to the series of decisions we make throughout the day. I’ve fallen into a routine for the most part that makes most of my decisions a matter of habit. I’d rather have those little decisions than those big tough life-altering decisions.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  4. Doing something entirely different from my to do list, helps me to get back on track… I could definitely relate with the struggle though!

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