B is for Bowling… I remembered!

Day 2 of the A to Z… letter “B” as in Bingo? No, I don’t know anything about Bingo… well a little bit. How about Boys… no other than being a boy, I’m not very interested in the subject, boys, after all, are dumb. That leaves me with, No I already said Bingo, we can backslide to my movie of the day. Nope I GOT IT!

Eureka does not start with the letter B

No, no it sure doesn’t I seem to be in a bit of a pickle with this already. I had a letter B prompt last night when I went to bed, and I didn’t write it down or tell Alexa. So now I’m stuck here, typing about not having anything because I promised myself, I wouldn’t get bogged down and use that as an excuse not to do this (Laugh).

Those poor pins.

Bowling let’s talk about Bowling. When I was a kid on Saturdays, after the cartoons I would go outside to play with my friends unless… it rained. If it rained, then I would have to stay inside. At that time, we didn’t have multiple TV’s and streaming services… you couldn’t watch a movie on a phone, you had one big tv in the living room and maybe, just maybe a small old black and white someplace else. I got the TV in the morning for cartoons on Sat but after that it turned into the Bowling channel for a few hours. Which meant I could do nothing, or I could watch bowling with my Grandfather. ABC’s Professional Bowling Association Tour was what he watched, I just had to look that up I couldn’t remember he would explain to me what they were doing and how you could manipulate the ball. This is one of the few things I can really remember doing with him from when I was a kid. I have pictures doing things with him, but that’s not a memory of something to me. It’s only a memory of a picture. It seems my Grandfather wasn’t the only fan. Bowling at that point drew more people then basketball and golf did. That’s crazy about Basketball… golf I can believe. Sometimes, even though it was nice out I would still watch with him. I liked it, I have no idea why, more likely I enjoyed spending time with my Grandfather, which isn’t something I enjoyed as i got older. It’s a good memory… Maybe I should go bowling this weekend.

You see my grandfather loved bowling… it never occur to me until later that it was something he loved. He bowled, was on a league with the Moose and another one I think too. He had a ball, shoes, those fluffy bags with talc in them. A nice bag. On Saturdays though he watched bowling after that it was the wide world of sports…. with it’s then famous “..and the agony of defeat.” That poor guy in that clip. I would watch this too sometimes… but that Agony of defeat part always stuck with me.

The Promised movie… just for fun…

Since I can I’m going to give you a two-fer not only does the title start with “B” (Maybe it doesn’t but When I worked at a video store, its title was Barry Gordy’s, The Last Dragon, so it’s a B) it is also considered a “B” Movie.

Who is the Master?

22 Comments on “B is for Bowling… I remembered!

  1. My husband still watches bowling since it is something he shouldn’t do anymore with his back issues. Great minds think alike they say, huh?


  2. My memories of watching bowling are from when I was visiting my dad and step-mom in NJ and that was NOT a fun time. But playing was much more fun although rare. Up in Vermont they had a different version of bowling with slender pins and small balls. There was no pin clean-up between the ball throws either so it was always interesting. I can’t recall the name for this form of bowling but it was great. I enjoyed your post!

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  3. I’ve seen The Last Dragon. *laugh*

    Singing: And everybody was Kung-Fu fighting… 😉

    I think bowling must be a grandpa thing. My grandpa was big on bowling; we bowled together in tournaments when I was in elementary school, and like your grandpa, he was known to watch bowling on TV.

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  4. The Last Dragon was an enjoyable bad movie that I watched more times than I’m willing to admit as a kid.

    “WHO’S THE MASTER?!?!?”
    “I AM!”

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  5. I used to watch bowling on Tv when I was a kid. My parents were both on a bowling league when I was a kid. Later when I was in college, to fulfill part of my Phys Ed requirement, I took 2 quarters of bowling. I hated phys ed usually, but bowling was cool since I always liked it. Gosh! You’re reminding me about how much I actually used to bowl when I was a kid.

    Great topic for B!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out Battle of the Bands

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  6. Lol it was in our blood as a family even before you were. Ask your Mom about bowling in Seal Harbor. Downtown in the basement of the General store! Your right though, it was one thing Grampie enjoyed for himself. 🎳

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  7. I used to like bowling until I got the bowling all you want summer membership at my local bowling alley. Turns I’m really bad it and I don’t like it much.
    But I miss the slow pace of life when I was a kid and the good Saturday morning cartoons.

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  8. I love that anybody can feel excited when all the bowling pins fall down at once, it’s always intrigued me!

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  9. Bowling… I remember my parents loved bowling when I was very young, they went often on weekends with some friends. Later they divorced and their beautiful bowling balls ended stored somewhere… A few years ago I went bowling with my husband and kids for the first time, it was a great experience. Of course, I don’t know much besides I need to hit the pins.

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