A to Z Jam, possibly Jelly – A story of two wrong conclusions!

I have two Aunts, well more but, for the purposes of this particular story… TWO! Let’s keep it simple shall we?

Once, a few years ago, or maybe last year, I lose track, my Aunts came to have lunch and visit with my Mom. Now, I have three children one of whom had been away for school but was home on break. This meant she was the center of all of the questions once they caught her. There we are sitting at the table when it begins… the following is a sampling of the questions.

“Where do you go to school?”
“What are you taking at school?”
“I thought you were going to be a chef?”
“What happened to being a teacher?”

My daughter is going to be a Librarian, and she works in a Library. To be fair only one forgot and that’s ok, but it starts the argument (friendly sisterly argument, which I usually hide from). The debate has begun between Chef and Teacher, neither of which were ever on the table as career choices. My Mom says shes a good cook. and that’s why a chef, Aunt P insist on Teacher… Aunt D. well she shakes her head ( Hi Aunt D). Meanwhile my daughter is looking at me with a weird grin and saying things quietly like “I hate kids, unless we use them in cooking”. Which none of the Sisters hear, but starts me to laughing which they do hear… so now I’m getting the look. You all know the look I got, I’m sure.

With that debate over somehow… they start discussing Jam, and Jelly… I think it started with one of them mentioning Teachers again, which was misheard by one as Beaches, and the other as Peaches. Now there is one conversation being misheard by all three as either Beaches, Peaches, or Teachers, they all agree on it being great though. Two of them sync up with the beach theme and the fruit theme so it evolves into Beach Plums being a great Jam or Jelly. At this point they all look at my Daughter and tell her she should make some Jam. She tells them she doesn’t like jam. They then change it to Jelly, she tells them she doesn’t like that either. This goes on, different types of fruit being made into Jam or possibly Jelly. They tell her where to get the Jars in the house, who’s recipe is best, different fruits, using wax to seal it. After each one of these statements my daughter says the same thing, it goes something like this.

“You could make peach Jam”
“I don’t like Jam.”
“Or jelly if you want”
“I dont like Jelly either”
“Use apples, apple jam is really good”
“I still dont like Jam or Jelly, why would I make it”
“Apple Jelly is good too”
“No, No jam, or Jelly.”
“You could use Blueberrys”
“I dont want to use blueberrys, I dont like Jelly”
“Make Blueberry Jam than”
“I don’t like Jam… or Jelly either”

I’m not sure what happened next, I think I may have blacked out though… Through this whole thing I was trying hard not to laugh, and get the “Look” again. Someone may have smacked me one and that’s why I blacked out.

Anyway, Do you like Jam or Jelly and which fruit is your favorite?

P.S. To the one Aunt mentioned above who does read these posts. Yes I know It will be me one day (not to long from now). Love you!

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11 Comments on “A to Z Jam, possibly Jelly – A story of two wrong conclusions!

  1. 🙋‍♀️well, you made me laugh and laugh! Should I apologize? No that’s who we all are and you all put up with us senior sisters. When you start losing your hair, turn gray, teeth start falling out and two of us wear hearing aids then you all will understand. So continue to laugh and take no offense. We LOVE you dearly. 💕 Bless you

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  2. Lovely post. You reminded me of the many jams and jellies my grandmother and mother used to make! Specially gooseberry jam and guava jelly!

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