Vaccines — Eliminating Evil

After that last post, all serious and such… Vaccines something I can try and have some fun with. There are those out there that will read this and pass out… From my discussion of needles no doubt. Others will mock my lack of knowledge and journalistic… errr, blogeristic integrity. BUT! I’m going to do it anyway… For those of you who read “U” for understanding I talked to my friend and sent him a link… He told me I was still an “Ignorant bystander of life” but he loved me anyway. I’ll take that anyday. Thanks for reading!

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Vaccines though, oh my. Scary, scary stuff right. I remember having to get shots when I was kid and literally hiding under the doctors exam table, screaming, kicking and biting. Yep, biting… I was wily and unpredictable like that. On the plus side though, I never did get Polio, Smallpox, Measles, Mumps, Cholera, Anthrax, Rubella, Typhus, or Tuberculosis. Those are all things I have been vaccinated against… Maybe a few more, I’d have to check to be certain.

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I get the anti vaxxers though, I mean who want to get a shot. That’s what this is all about… Not wanting to pass out. Since my college MMR shot I pass out when getting shots. Up until then I just hated them, but in a “I’m not getting stabbed” kind of way. I can’t think of any other legitimate reason not to get vaccinated. When I was in the Military they shot me up with I dont know how many different things before I could be deployed. What they did though was shoot it all into your arm with a pneumatic gun like they use to change tires on racetracks. Likely not hygienic what with all the grease but No I’m also vaccinated against rust and corrosion, and I didn’t pass out. So lets all start using the air gun vaccine machine thingy.

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I put that pic up so you could see the thingy…. That beard though… someone needs to vaccinated against whatever it is that is growing in there. Since we are on the topic of vaccines we could all use. Here are a few I would like to see.

  • Stupidity – Eliminating stupidity in our world would be of great use. Possible side effects include; loss of jumping to conclusions, turning the power off before doing electrical work and, going 40 in the passing lane.
  • Insecurity- Elimination of allowing ones internal voice from talking us out of doing something we want to do. Possible side effects include; more participation in school dances, having that lump checked and, not talking over others.
  • Monsters – No more monster under the bed or in the closet; Side effects for parents include a good nights sleep and a better sex life.

What vaccines would you like to see?

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