A To Z Climate change – Back in my day…

Please don’t misunderstand me, I absolutely mean to make light of this subject. Having said that Climate change is important to understand, unfortunately I really don’t think anyone does or, if they do, can’t articulate it to the masses. I will leave a link at the bottom though if you are actually interested in how things progressed.

I just took 30 minutes to go look at some of the other letter “B” blogs and one of the nice folks I follow did a blog regarding how some planets are jealous of others (clicky)… specifically Mars. Made me wonder knowing today what my “C” blog was going to be… Maybe Mars could give Earth a few tips on how to avoid a similar fate. I’m off topic though, but since I thought it, I write it (Grin). Plus the cartoon’s always make me smile. Thanks Mr. Pailly!

So Back to me, when I was a kid well Climate change wasn’t a topic really, not one we understood it was Green House Gases and general air pollution. I do remember that AquaNet was very likely going to cause the end of the world though, that constant spraying into the hair of Teenage girls… and some guys (80’s hair bands) was going to be the undoing of the planet. We were all going to need 500fps sunblock from the damage the unfiltered radiation of the glowy ball of death was going to unleash upon us from the hole in the ozone layer caused by hair spray, oh and fossil fuels… yeah those too, mostly Aqua net though. At the time I used hair spray I can’t remember the name of it but it was mens hair spray my mom got me and one day she came home with a pump hair spray instead and told me to throw the other one out it was bad for the ozone layer. (now you understand my confusion). We also started the .05 bottle thing, which I took advantage of collecting bottles and cans so I could play video games at the bowling alley. That was the extent of my knowledge… and from the pump hair spray I would guess my Mom’s too.

Aquaneat 80’s hair band named Poison… playing some of theier music now as I write.

My Grandfather, he recycled…. we had a recycle bin in the house. Free standing three containter bucket thing… maybe 5 feet tall. One for paper one for plastic and one for cans. Bottles and cans with deposits you would keep in a garbage bag usually right next to it but it was gross. It arrived in my childhood home when I was away in the military and I followed it when I was at the house, never quite understanding why. My Grandfather would tie up the paper in a bundle and the cans went in a separate bag to go out on specific trash days. Maybe he understood it, he composted too when I was kid and we had a garden. I found the actual bins or damn close on line just now here is a picture. It’s discontinued now but the page says they have similar items… maybe I should do it.

My kids learned Climate Change and what it means in school. I am sure my daughter could tell us all about it as she loved that class and the teacher. It seems my grandfather knew something too. Me though, I know not to use hair spray… I know that my car is a hybrid because it would save me money in gas. We have some solar lights in the yard to save money…. I like to save money I don’t like recycling. Honestly I’m not even sure it’s helping and requires to much effort. It seems lawmakers have discovered that I am lazy and hate to recycle so now the issue has been forced. Where I live there is a .05 charge if you want a plastic bag… I dont get bags anymore I bought some reusable ones. The car I bought… cost me less per month fully insured plus the payments then I spent on gas on the used car I owned prior. Now there is a plastic straw ban coming… not sure but I think I’m going to end up carrying a stainless steel reusable straw in my pocket soon. I guess it’s working…

See the source image

We are doing what we think we are supposed to but do a quick search on climate change and see if you can get a good answer. I read the Green New Deal in it’s entirety… Ummm (laugh) I’ll leave you to make your own conclusions on that document not even going into it’s only a resolution and it didn’t pass yet. We cant even acknowledge there is a problem without fighting about what it is.

Anyway here is the link for the history of climate change and public and scientif progression… (clicky) I have to stop typing now I keep wanting to go into crazy detail in what, why and how and I’m reading more than I am writing what I’m supposed to be writing about with a wink and a nod and some fun… So let me leave you with the silly. I had read or maybe seen a video about putting the toilet seat down to avoid spraying poop around the bathroom it can go (laugh, I’m punny) anywhere from 2 to 22 feet.. Now, I dont like public bathrooms to begin with and the toilets dont have lids you can close… so there goes the poop flying out to 22 feet. Within distance of the air dryer used to save on paper… which means, having just washed your hands your drying them in the Poop Spraying Machine… Ewww…. Poop sprayers, a revolution in recycling… nasty, just nasty. Whats the world coming too.

2 Comments on “A To Z Climate change – Back in my day…

  1. We have separate trash bins for recycle and garbage and one for composting that the garbage company picks up once a week. In our area we HAVE to use our own bags at the stores since if you don’t they can charge you anywhere from 5 to 25 cents a bag. I do remember the big hair spray issue about the ozone layer. Nicely done C!


    • .25 for a bag, wow I’m betting that is a lot more effective. I wasn’t mad about the nickel… I understood what they were trying to do and it worked. The new Plastic straw ban, that one is confusing me… the cup is plastic or Styrofoam… Maybe that’s next.

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