I FORGOT F – Floppy Disks Old School Frustration!

Wow, well, forgot to put in “F” you see i had all of these done in advance but then forgot to put the proper dat on them… Well I put a date and I would have been rocking it next year in April for sure… I’m still not sure how I did that. THEN, I went and looked today thinking I should go wander and read what others had done only to find that… Nothing I did went in AND… just now that “F” was missing… I’m so dumb (laugh).

So Floppy Disks, something these brats to day know nothing about with their fancy cell phones and such. Back in my day we had a 5 1/4 inch disk that held a whopping 85KB (I had to look that up just now.. that seems small)

If you had a really complex game it could be on like 5 disks and if one got damaged or went near a magnet POOF! all gone. and just like cassette tapes over time the information stored on them degraded. Sometimes you could put the drive on its side to get it to read better… Ah my Commodore 64. How I miss they. Nothing like a 200bps cartridge modem to get the juices flowing right.. RIGHT!
See the source imageOn one of those floppy’s was my first game on a pc Zork! and others soon followed over the years (Zork is on my phone right now). Kids now though, no idea what these were used for… coasters perhaps. These were the stepping stones though, they got us where we are now…. plus when they died they were really fun to throw.

2 Comments on “I FORGOT F – Floppy Disks Old School Frustration!

  1. The floppy drive will live on forever as the “save” icon… maybe. ^_^ I lost an entire hard drive’s worth of information when I accidentally left my back ups in my car. They melted. It’s a long story. I don’t miss the 5 1/4 inch discs. Give me a thumb drive any day.


  2. Hahaha. This brought back many memories….some of them not so nice :p

    Floppies were the clumsiest and most delicate things in the world of computers back then. And to imagine they could hold only kbs worth of data. Hahaha

    Do drop by mine.




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