A to Z – Analog, Where did that ticking go?

As the first thing for this years A To Z Challenge I have chosen to highlight the things we have lost I have chosen Analog. I know Digital is better, or at least you think so (Damn Kids). Truth is though some items were better that way. Here to prove my theory, and make my points for me is… well ME!

Here’s the thing though, I’m not a luddite, I like technology, I also like clocks… that TICK! Lets throw watches in there as well. Clocks, Watches, Kitchen timers. I’m thinking I may have lost you… I like the idea of time passing in measured strokes and I know we have all lost something from it’s removal in our lives, luckily I’m here to remind you of some of what you have lost.

Watches that tick – They weren’t loud like the above clock but they were peaceful background for me while I was sleeping with my arm under my head… ticked off to sleep, and not in a cranky sort of way that sentence connotes. I liked the background,. quiet passing of time. And winding it to me seemed like a ritual of refreshing the day anew.

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School clocks – To be fair, It seemed slower than it was but you knew time was passing when you were all supposed to be in silent study reading pages 53-65 in your text books. It seemed like it would never end as you read the same paragraph over and over again but, you knew for certain that it was because the side of time plodding along accompanied you through the day.

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Kitchen Timers – Never, not once, was I ever worried that something was going to burn because the timer stopped because of batteries. I could HEAR it while I was doing other things. A quiet background to accompany the rest of my tasks while completing a meal. If I wandered away I could take it with me too. Tick-tocking my way to nutrition… or just a kick ass heaping of pasta.

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Television and Movies – I’ll give you a few general examples here.

The hero exits the building and approaches the car… he stops, tilting his head a bit. What is that ticking sound… Could it be, OH NO!!!! A BOMB!!

Pan in from above to a group of kids entering the old house for the first time, its dark and there are cobwebs all around them as they enter, a sound, surrounds them, the inexorable ticking of a grandfather clock it seems to permeate the entire house. The two kids move forward into a darkened room, The Clock Stops, Total Silence.

Then there is poor Captain Hook. Peter Pan would have been a lot different if it wasn’t for a ticking crocodile.

See the source image

Analog was a part of our lives, sure we can still get an old watch or clock but what about our kids… and their kids. What about Captain Hook? I feel bad for todays youth for so many things but the loss of the ticking is a small part I actually worry about. Stay tuned for the rest of the month as I go over some of the other items, ideas and made up stuff I wish were still active in the world.

What do you miss about Analog devices? Is it the ticking? I bet it is now!


Oh and…. I lied, I’m not behind April Fools 🙂

10 Comments on “A to Z – Analog, Where did that ticking go?

  1. LOL you got me. I was typing a psychological report and part of the “testing” of the patient was to have them draw a clock with a certain time on it. Instead of drawing a clock as in your pictures with the hands showing the time they drew a rectangle with just the time on it. Failed that test, but maybe it wasn’t really their fault?

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  2. Some things analog we’re better perhaps… But the ticking crocodile could be replaced by a crocodile with a ringing cell phone in it’s stomach a-la Jurassic Park 3… That would be a little less ominous though I guess!

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  3. I am a freak about clocks (analog). I have them all over the house. Of course, despite having all of these clocks, I am usually not on time for anything. Do you realize today that most kids cannot tell time off an old school clock? What the heck?

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  4. I still have analog clocks all around my home. I find them easier to read than digital clocks… honestly. I’d love to have a ticking clock on my nightstand. But they’re difficult to find nowadays.

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  5. I despise clocks, digital or analog, they are stressful tools. Somehow, though, if I must read the time, I have an easier time reading an analog clock then an analog clock, less thought involved as my brain sees it as a picture and less as a number.

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  6. I love ticking clocks in living rooms or kitchens because it reminds me of being in my parent’s house reading any spare moment I had, it was peaceful background noise but I can’t stand ticking clocks or watches in my bedroom its all I can hear and I cant sleep 😊

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