5 Rude things people do!

Think back, remember a time when being polite got you more than being rude did.  Respect and politeness has been replaced by disdain and thoughtlessness.  It’s perpetrated by our entire society now, there is no respect anymore. Once upon a time that was a role solely held by Mr. Rodney Dangerfield.

Image result for rodney dangerfield
Rodney Dangerfield – No Respect

It’s contagious too, rudeness is like a disease it can jump from person to person.  Let’s use a completely ridiculous example shall we?

You are driving to the store for some delicious goodie of your choice and on the way someone cuts you off to get into the parking lot you are entering. Now, you look for a parking spot and see someone about to pull out so you wait for that spot. As you ready to pull in and park the same guy who cut you off zips in from the other side and parks in the spot you were waiting for. They exit the car, ignore you completely and saunter off talking loudly on their cell phone in their own selfish world. What do you do? Are you angry, annoyed, pissed, likely… all of the above.  Now you are in a bad mood… how likely are you to be short and curt with the sales clerk? Be honest, pretty likely… and that poor sales clerk also had to ring out the guy who was still on his cell phone ignoring the clerk except to gesture rudely for them to hurry up. Now the clerk, who happened to be in a good mood isn’t anymore, and they will see another 30 plus people today at work.

Not so ridiculous is it? Happens everyday, everywhere and it’s compounded by social media and the anonymity of the net in general. Here are five of my least favorite.

  1. Not waiting your turn – Like the guy in my example, in a hurry and unwilling to wait. These are the line cutters. The parking spot stealers. The people that interrupt others because they are in a hurry.  Worst example, the people trampling others on Black Friday ever year. Image result for black friday mobs
  2. Cone of Non Silence – The cone of silence from Get Smart, only in reverse. These are the ones who have their cell phones on speaker in public or are just ridiculously loud using them. They talk about things… and I’m using examples from this past week, like. Uncle Jimmy’s leaky colostomy bag.  A Mothers 14 year old pregnant daughter who is nothing but a whore and deserves what she got.  My favorite had to be the woman discussing the size of her lovers penis. I will also include those who think they are invisible because they are in their car. Searching for buried treasure inside your nose and then wiping it on your side window… that’s gross.

    Image result for get smart cone of silence
    Get Smart
  3. Handicap parking – This is a huge pet peeve of mine for rude behavior. The people who aren’t handicapped but park in those spots. It’s pretty simple if you are handicapped park there, if not don’t.  If you take it one step further how about not taking the shopping cart you used and shoving them all into the spot or in the blue lined place next to it where the CHAIR LIFT would lower so the driver can actually get out once parked.

    Image result for handicap parking spot
    Those blue lines aren’t Shopping cart storage. It’s for chairlifts. Click photo please.
  4. Shopping – Specifically in the grocery store. This one is  maybe a bit petty on my side… People who go on the express lane with things that just don’t move along quickly. Check writers, people with coupons on their phones that they don’t know how to use or issues in general that they know they will have.  The folks that think the shopping cart is really a barricade that needs to block off the aisles so no one can get by. Typically they also ignore you when you ask politely. People who sample things, spill things, break things, screaming kids. Like I said I’m petty in the grocery store. I really shouldn’t go to them anymore.

    Image result for cleanup aisle 5
    Cleanup Aisle 5, probably 6 – 10 as well.
  5. Being Late – DONT! I hate this one, I hate people who are late, being late myself, making others late. I don’t even like how the word looks on the page.  You being late keeps others at work late. You, being late snowballs everyone it affects into also being late. It causes speeding, unsafe driving, using the phone while driving… You see what I’m saying… YOU cause global warming. Alright, maybe not that last one… but burning fossil fuels at a faster rate doesn’t help.

    Image result for irresponsibility demotivational
    Stop being late you cause global warming.

4 Comments on “5 Rude things people do!

  1. “Uncle Jimmy’s leaky colostomy bag” – ewwww! People have no outside filter these days, I’m telling you. It’s just me me me. It’s sad how selfish and inconsiderate people have become.

    …I have to say that I’m one of those latecomers. I can’t help it, I’m just really bad at keeping track of time 🙈!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I’m not sure what day it is today… so we will let that one go. At the time I was still working in retail so late folks really made me angry 🙂 All of those people on the phone including Uncle Jimmy, those were people in my store talking.

      Liked by 1 person

    • For years I worked at a business out in the boondocks, and the first bus stop after my job (on the trip home) was the County Jail down the road. One day a guy gets on there, just released, and phones his wife or girlfriend or significant other with instructions on how to get a friend of his liquored up and send him out to lay a beating on the guy who snitched on him.


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