Bobbie the Giraffe — Coffee Encounter

Bobbi had heard stories about coffee since he was just 4 feet tall and to young to venture far from his mother. It was always ‘Don’t stray to far Bobbi’, as if he could ever get to far from his Mother she was so much bigger than he, so much faster. Today though Bobbi was finally tall enough to go off and his own. Amongst Giraffe’s it wasn’t about age, but height. Today Bobbi was as tall as the shorter Acacia tree’s they all ate from and finally he was going to go find the coffee. Mmmmmm Coffee, thought Bobbi.

Bobbi got all of his things together, his sneakers were all laced up and his hat was perched neatly on his head and last but not least, his coffee mug he had been given by a local tourist who’s son he had posed in a picture with when he was just 5 feet tall. I’m all set I suppose, no sense in waiting.  Bobbi wandered over to his Mother who was very tall for a female Giraffe and also very dignified as only a Giraffe could be with her long graceful neck and beautiful spots, a white slash of fur down her chest. ‘Mother I’m ready to go, do you have any advice for me?’

‘Advice? Yes, don’t go, Giraffe’s don’t drink coffee, and even if we did that mug of yours is far to small for a proper drink.’ Bobbi’s mother began circling around Bobbi looking him over, ‘and for goodness sake, don’t go out wearing your good shoes, those are for school.’

‘Mother, these aren’t my good shoes, these are my coffee bean design shoes see.’ Holding his hoof up to his Mother Bobbi thinks. All I want to do is go and get the coffee, I have to taste it, she just doesn’t understand. The smell, the amazing smell of the coffee its like heaven. She just doesn’t understand me. ‘ Besides Mom, its not that far to town, I wont be gone long maybe an hour’.

‘Fine fine dear just don’t be long, and for goodness sake be careful’. She replied turning away to continue her work.

With that Bobbi turned his body toward the town and began his trek. As soon as I get out of sight I can run she won’t know, besides these are my shoes. I traded my best copy of “To fool a Lion'” for them. Crossing over the hill headed to town Bobbi looked back to check that his mother wasn’t following, then as his head dipped below the hillside he began to run. Giraffe’s can reach speeds up to 50 mph when full grown but 40 is the best Bobbi could do for now; but he ran the whole way to town unable to wait for the first amazing cup of coffee.

Bobbi arrived in town after only 10 minutes of running, excited and out of breath. I’m here, I’m here! Now to find the coffee.  Looking around briefly Bobbi saw a sign with a picture of his mug on it. Quickly he cantered off down the street towards the sign, ‘Excuse Me, Excuse Me!’ Bobbi cried as he tried to keep from tripping over people and animals on his way to the shop.  Finally standing in front of it the place he had imagined for almost a year Bobbi could barely contain himself as he did a little Giraffe dance right in front of the shop. Excitedly Bobbi entered the Coffee shop and looked around. Shelves filled with cups and mugs were everywhere, bags of what he could only assume were coffee wherever he looked. The entire place had a wonderful fragrance that could only be the coffee. Approaching the counter Bobbi handed his special mug to the worker, ‘Could you please fill my cup with the best coffee you have?’

His cup returned to him Bobbi went to a table by the window and looked into it. A dark color almost the shade of the blackest thunderstorm. Steam rose from the cup bringing with it the magical smell he had dreamed of for most of a year now. Without any more hesitation Bobbi took his cup and downed it all in one big swallow.

Jenna standing behind the counter nearly jumped out of her skin as a loud screech came from the window table, followed by the sound of a mug smashing to the floor. A young giraffe was stumbling around and holding his throat as if he had just drank a boiling pot of water and burned himself from the tip of his tongue down all 5 feet of his neck.Which she supposed he really had, as she watched the giraffe finally bolted out the door and ran off down the street still screaming. ‘You know, I always thought giraffe’s were mute until I started working here.’

The End.

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