Sidekicks — Why they must DIE!

Hero’s often surround themselves with fools, jesters, thieves and, well lets be honest all around idiots. The reason they do this is to keep their spirits up, to cause distraction and in some cases simply to irritate you, the Evil Overlord. There is a simple way to solve this problem, have them killed. Purge all the bumbling wizards, the court jesters, the cowards and it will be easier to kill the hero.

Nerd Herd
Chuck‘s Entire Support Group Falls into this category.

For example, the television show Chuck. It’s hard to say how many potential Evil Overlords were thwarted by Chuck… we do know without the Nerd Herd to back him up through comic relief and bumbling distractions, Chuck would have been lit on fire and used as a light source for the Neanderthals he worked with.

Chuck isn’t the only example of this of course there are so many to choose from though, to narrow the focus to only a few seems folly.  Those idiotic droids for Luke Skywalker, the Ferrets for the Beastmaster, “Q” for James Bond.  Those idiots surrounding Dr. Horrible… yes, yes I know he was supposed to be an Evil Overlord but we all know Captain Hammer was the true Overlord.

What have we learned form todays tip? Kill everything surrounding the Hero, no matter how pathetic they might be.

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