The Apprentice and the Celestial… A Message Delivered.

I sometimes liked to entertain myself on my way home from lessons with my Master. Now don’t get me wrong, Master is his title. He is after all Lord and Master over all the comings and goings in the realm. I of course am his Apprentice. I have varied duties as an apprentice to the Master of realms, keeping the lands clean, defending against outside creatures. This particular day we are talking about, I got to do both.

As I traveled across the path back toward home, I came across a rather peculiar item lying in the brush. A cracker… someone had left a cracker in the brush. “People shouldn’t litter,” I mumbled to myself. “Biodegradable or not, it isn’t right.” Making a subtle motion with my left hand, I transformed it into a dandelion. “That’s much better, pretty and natural.” Still talking to myself, I continued my journey toward home.

As I crossed the bridge onto my family’s property I was startled by a great blast of wind from above. A Medium Celestial Dragon had landed only a few feet from me throwing up twigs and leaves from the downbeat of its wings. Raising my right hand in a defensive ward I stepped forward. “Declare thyself at once or depart my realm, or I shall flay you like a fish and roast you for dinner!” I  “Understand this Celestial, I do so love fish and you do look quiet tasty, if seasoned properly.” Thinking about the last bit of Sushi I had eaten that afternoon made me drool making me seem just that much more imposing to the Dragon, or so I hoped a Celestial Dragon is nothing to be toyed with.

The Dragon of course bellowed his response blowing flames and the smell of his last meal into my face. “I am neither a fish to be flayed nor am I to be eaten by a small creature such as yourself.” As he took a breath to continue I waved my hand unleashing the force of my will to snap his jaws shut, narrowly missing his tongue.

“So you nibble on yourself do you? You certainly look like a fish to me, perhaps related to an Eel of some sort. Regardless you are not welcome here.” I took a few moments to collect my thoughts before moving my left hand to release his mouth so that he could reply.

The Celestial took a moment to check his teeth for damage with his tongue. He then replied rather sulkily. “I have a message for your Master.” He said with a hint of disgust on the word Master. “Be warned as well little one, If you try any more magic upon me, I will surely eat you and crack the marrow from your bones.” The Dragon Smirked as he said this, making me Laugh.

“Well if you do eat me, I will be sure to give you a medal once I escape from your body.” Twirling my fingers through my hair and smiling, I added. “The only problem is I am a vegetarian. I doubt I would want to eat you, perhaps you should just give me the message instead.” I saw the dragons mouth open wider in a smile, and entirely to toothy of a smile but a smile, nonetheless.

“Tell your master the tears of heaven are about to fall again, tell him the Celestials will stand with him.” Without another word, he bunched up his legs, leaped into the sky and flew off. Sighing quietly to myself, I took a quick look at home, turned around and headed back into the mountains to report to my master.

Story Idea and Concept by Alyssa.

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